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  1. there was this dude from Kamloops BC that was fucking around with dry ice and a Sobe bottle at his high-school play. The guy put a bunch into the bottle and held onto it not thinking anything would happen. When it exploded he lost teeth, mangled the fuck out of his face and now the guy looks like he had the worst acne as a kid. ... i think ill try the twist method
  2. beach girl mistake girl girlfriend girl then one more mistake
  3. in 8 hours i will join them&dumber
  4. "here ya go" "here ya go" "here ya go" Dumb & Dumber
  5. im hammered and this Im the only one drinking/reading this thread. Sarah, Earl is the man responsible for drinking/eating this many breakfast's/im hammered and tired. WOO bons tomorrow. drunk tyoe.
  6. if your broke and hungry, bons is the place. I walk out of there full, caffined up and it cost 4 bucks canadian. thats like a nickle to all yall mericans sarah, have you seen the picture of the guy who ate 4 in one sitting?
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