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  1. holy shit! its worse when you know its coming ... but don't know when its coming
  2. eyeBddub

    saturday night

    waiting for very slow girlfriend to get her damn she takes her time
  3. But I can't make love to you, becuase your 14 A peck on the cheek as I'm counting the weeks go by We can't make love together little girl, because your only 14 years old And the trust of your mom that we're not doin wrong I just can't betray -The Vandals, Fourteen
  4. she claims to weigh 85 kilos... which is 190 (187) pounds
  5. Yea if I saw that girl rocking that at the beach I'd probably laugh first, drool second...
  6. Man you are sooooooooooo hard done by .... hahaha
  7. yellow slippers, grey socks, blue vibe jeas, a white alberta elite camp soccer t shirt from 95, and a white nike basketball t shirt over that with a long sleeve yellow american eagle shirt over that
  8. she weighs 190 pounds ... thats 190 pounds of disgusting vagina sweat. not to mention its probably disgusting and hairy from her lack of being able to reach the area she needs to shave it.
  9. eyeBddub


    Are you kidding me? Back in the 98 Cup The English Hooligans (go England!!!!!) were throwing molotov cocktails at the Tunisian fans outside the stadium before kickoff!!
  10. In order for your seminal vessicles (uhh... just know that they are in your nut sack and they actually are where cell division takes place and the 23 chromosome'd cell is created) in order for these things to work it has to be 34 degree's celsius and inside your body the temperature is a constant 37 degree's celsius... (so if you've ever wondered why your nuts are in the nut sack, now ya know, why they shrink up when your colder etc etc) Tighty whities keep them to close to the body, making the temperature too hot making your sperm all messed up (some will have 22 chromosomes and some will have 24) etc ... Don't worry regulator, with practice you'll get penis control - eventually
  11. The only thing stoppingmaking your dick grow is a hormone called HGH or Human Growth Hormone ... unforunately you can't control that and yes, tighty whities do drop your sperm count (doctors prescribe boxers to patients complaining of infertility in some cases...) and the weed ... it just makes you feel like shit all the time, I've stopped smoking weed about a month ago and I feel a million times better
  12. eyeBddub


    both depends whats clean but no tighty whities... i like my sperm count
  13. eyeBddub


    the absolute best way to make your stomach look better is combining sit ups of some sort (to build the muscle) with cardiovascular activites (to burn the fat sitting on top). so do lots of sit ups, and go swimming or jogging (you should do the cardio first) everyday. if your especially out of shape you should see results pretty quick
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