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  1. Iris

    boxed wine?

    who throws dinner parties?
  2. it can be caused by being a bad diabetic.
  3. oh yeah i forgot to add that my friend's grandfather's name is harry dangler
  4. bellis and rackne. and they'll be twins except one will be black
  5. it's the aluminum sulfate or sulfide.... i could find out if i cared enough to walk into the bedroom and look. they make antipersperant deoderants without it but they don't work as well and you'll smell like a amish person. and then a fact. cat's claws grow in sheaths. when they "sharpen their claws" they are getting the older sheaths stuck into whatever they are clawing or get shreadded off.
  6. made me think of ketoacidosis
  7. we drank warm beer like everyone else and contemplated walking down the street nekkid. played amish. do they have amish in other states?
  8. i'd never let my clothing touch anything in a public bathroom. especially a boys bathroom. if i could possible hover a couple inches off the ground in public bathrooms to aviod stepping whatever filth could possibly be on the floor, i would. <hover> maybe i am overreacting because cleveland beaches are disgusting and the public bathrooms are used by homeless people and get really revolting.
  9. she was horrible in matchstick men
  10. all professional and shit. but what about dried acrylic stuck in a drain. am i fucked?
  11. Iris

    what did i miss?

    i already said hi. jeez. anywaya since i am not a writer boj says i sholdn't even be talking on here. aw look at me i'm telling on him. fuck it. he's being a weiner anyways. bojangles is a sucky sucker!
  12. then that would make me a sweet sweet lesbian
  13. hey crow! whens keur "comin home"?
  14. bobrock up in here fo' sheezy! and im out...:king:
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