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  1. nope, that was actually done in san fransisco, to the left of that was renos then to the right of ces was physco(seen) followed by ivory and someone else.. i forget who. i have the whole production of that and then whats on the other wall too. bump for ces, when i saw that i nearly gave the person i was with a heart attack cause i was like "oh fuck that's ces!!! and seen!! aww shit ivory".... good times:krunk:
  2. agreed..this page is fucking awsome..brought back memories... :krunk:
  3. Re: Don't Call it Frisco feelin' that steel shit...wonder what his shit would look like if he still wrote else...
  4. i seen this really big black woman punch this fob guy that works in the customer service section in the face for telling her that she had bratty kids...then she took the item that she was returning and countined to beat the guy with it till security came... cops came, she got arrested, fob guy escorted in ambulance.... fucking halarious..
  5. love the third grade coloring...hahaha sorry had to say it
  6. hope this shit works this time...jase from the land of the side show :yuck:
  7. sours not my cup of tea...he had ups like a ma fucka around my areas of living....hey tech...you ever hear voices? i know i do...and those voices are telling me that your bay dwelling is right around the 5-ten location...are my voices correct? :krunk:
  8. i need a new pair of pants, some baby wipes, and a cigar pronto!!!!!!!!
  9. http://industrialgothic.com/gbotw/2001/edenprosper.jpg'> gorgeous...........simply gergous :yum: :love2: :love3: :love2: :yum:
  10. the plot thins -side note- for now we'll call the oldest one jane and the youngest jill- you wouldn't belive how much my life IS like a soap opera. so yesterday jane comes over pissed off, yep you guessed it, jill spilled that i slept with her.(of couse sisters talk about everything) and she gets in my face yelling at me and shit i expect this so im not trippin' but then she slaps me and says something that dumbfounded me. she said she loved me and that the only reason she was letting me beat was cause she trusted me and thought i loved her too.:eek: now if she thought that i loved her, wouldnt i just be sticking to her? cause she knows i hit the skins of other women on the side, now how could she figure this... it's been plaguing my mind the whole day then i get some kind of hint that jill might love me the very same way..... i hate myself i swear... :o :krunk:
  11. actually... i was the one doing the molesting... :krunk:
  12. i've had sex in a confessional booth....:D :krunk:
  13. sex while sky diving... or bungee jumping sex on one of the towers of the golden gate bridge :krunk:
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