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Everything posted by ~i~hear~voices~

  1. ~i~hear~voices~

    CES one

    nope, that was actually done in san fransisco, to the left of that was renos then to the right of ces was physco(seen) followed by ivory and someone else.. i forget who. i have the whole production of that and then whats on the other wall too. bump for ces, when i saw that i nearly gave the person i was with a heart attack cause i was like "oh fuck that's ces!!! and seen!! aww shit ivory".... good times:krunk:
  2. ~i~hear~voices~

    Don't Call it Frisco

    agreed..this page is fucking awsome..brought back memories... :krunk:
  3. ~i~hear~voices~

    The Waiting is OVER!

  4. ~i~hear~voices~

    Don't Call it Frisco

    Re: Don't Call it Frisco feelin' that steel shit...wonder what his shit would look like if he still wrote else...
  5. ~i~hear~voices~

    walmart fights

    i seen this really big black woman punch this fob guy that works in the customer service section in the face for telling her that she had bratty kids...then she took the item that she was returning and countined to beat the guy with it till security came... cops came, she got arrested, fob guy escorted in ambulance.... fucking halarious..
  6. ~i~hear~voices~

    BITER thread!

    love the third grade coloring...hahaha sorry had to say it
  7. ~i~hear~voices~


    hope this shit works this time...jase from the land of the side show :yuck:
  8. ~i~hear~voices~


    fuck hold up
  9. ~i~hear~voices~

    sour pics anyone?

    sours not my cup of tea...he had ups like a ma fucka around my areas of living....hey tech...you ever hear voices? i know i do...and those voices are telling me that your bay dwelling is right around the 5-ten location...are my voices correct? :krunk:
  10. ~i~hear~voices~

    i feel like a dirty whore

    So I'm at my cuzo's house yesterday just chillin out when this girl i know comes over. Now mind you this is not your typical girl, she's been through hell and back. Abused as a lil girl by her father, beaten by mostly all of her boyfriends, has two kids and no was to support em and other things that add to this. But I know why she's here today, i can see the desperation in her eyes as she looks at me. I ask her what's wrong and she says her lil one was in the hospital and that she needs some cash to pay for it. I'm a nice guy and I try to help as many of my folks out as I can, so I say sure let me see the bill. She takes me back to her place and shows me a $2000 dollar hospital bill, I sigh to myself and start flipping through my money and cash her out right on the spot. She's overwhelmed and kisses me on the cheek then reaches down to my crotch. I back off and tell her It's not necessary to pay me back like that, she says relax and takes me to her bedroom, now I'm down for some sexin' but I feel so sorry for this chick that I can't bring myself to par, but she works her magic and I'm going at it like a champ. A few minutes through the session I look down and she's in tears as I hump away, this makes me feel bad and I say fuck it and pull out she gets startled and says whats wrong I explain to her the situation and what I'm feeling and she pleds against it. I get frustrated and say fuck it once again nut in her face and walk out.:o :krunk:
  11. ~i~hear~voices~

    new guy first post

    i need a new pair of pants, some baby wipes, and a cigar pronto!!!!!!!!
  12. ~i~hear~voices~


    http://industrialgothic.com/gbotw/2001/edenprosper.jpg'> gorgeous...........simply gergous :yum: :love2: :love3: :love2: :yum:
  13. ~i~hear~voices~

    i feel like a dirty whore

    the plot thins -side note- for now we'll call the oldest one jane and the youngest jill- you wouldn't belive how much my life IS like a soap opera. so yesterday jane comes over pissed off, yep you guessed it, jill spilled that i slept with her.(of couse sisters talk about everything) and she gets in my face yelling at me and shit i expect this so im not trippin' but then she slaps me and says something that dumbfounded me. she said she loved me and that the only reason she was letting me beat was cause she trusted me and thought i loved her too.:eek: now if she thought that i loved her, wouldnt i just be sticking to her? cause she knows i hit the skins of other women on the side, now how could she figure this... it's been plaguing my mind the whole day then i get some kind of hint that jill might love me the very same way..... i hate myself i swear... :o :krunk:
  14. ~i~hear~voices~

    sex in strange places

    actually... i was the one doing the molesting... :krunk:
  15. ~i~hear~voices~

    sex in strange places

    i've had sex in a confessional booth....:D :krunk:
  16. ~i~hear~voices~

    sex in strange places

    sex while sky diving... or bungee jumping sex on one of the towers of the golden gate bridge :krunk:
  17. ~i~hear~voices~

    Where were you 9 years ago today?

    i was 11 and in 5th grade and i was with this one girl that liked me. we were behind the school making out and i had a finger on her starfish, her first time and my second. still remember her sent too... smelt like sweaty peaches ;) :krunk:
  18. ~i~hear~voices~

    i feel like a dirty whore

    more wood for the fire <span style='color:darkblue'>here's a concept to ponder on. last night while at my house her sister comes over with the "oh i heard what you did for my baby sis, that was so sweet... yadda yadda yadda". i tell her it's just how i am she should know that. so we gets down to chillin' watching a new graff video me and my folks made while downing some brewskies cuase it was a long day at work. well a few beers turn into a few shots, and a few shots turn into the whole pint gone, and with the pint gone lead to two buzzed and very horny people which lead to a long night of skin rippin' kinky sexy :o now me and her have "hooked" up before so it's nothing new but me and her baby sis have never and it'd be weird if she found out that i slept with her baby sis..... the saga of voices life continues...... </span> :eek: :krunk:
  19. ~i~hear~voices~

    i feel like a dirty whore

    personally, she's not my type to date or have a serious relationship with theres to much to the package not just the kids and all that shit, but with me i live a very hetic life and i barely have time for some of the friends i have now so put relationship together and a crazy life equals disaster in the making plus it's just how i am i could have gone without the sex and been fine even with the sex i feel dirty, like it was the wrong thing to do in my mind, im one of the very few guys that acutally thinks with thier mind and not thier dick ;) :krunk:
  20. ~i~hear~voices~

    i feel like a dirty whore

    to add more attetion to detail i saw her today on my lunch break when i was on the way to the bank, so i stopped and picked her up and took her with me. she apollogized for the previous day saying that shes never had a guy treat her the way i do, you see i can relate with some of the shit she's went through(exceptions of the father thing, boyfriend bashings and two kids...there are other levels to how we relate) and she's a sweetheart none the less. she says she looks up to me as the father/boyfriend she's never had, which i don't know if i should be weirded out or not. we talked about this over lunch. she tryed to give me back the money also, which really threw me for a loop. and no she didnt go to vegas, i know her daughters, i've pratically rasied em myself and i know the youngest has problems and needs medical attention. and besides im not trippin' off the money anyways, she's family for the most part so it works hand in hand. and the crying issue WAS cause she felt she had no other way to pay me back, she felt bad, kinda abandoned cause i've really been the only one to take her under my wings and care for her so much. so i guess it was kinda tears of joy/pain. i dunno call it what you want. and i used a happy cap, and she's clean so i dont have to worry about anything lerking up on me anytime soon. :krunk:
  21. ~i~hear~voices~

    whats your AIM Screenname

    blindbum187:D :krunk:
  22. ~i~hear~voices~

    --Sex Partners--

    man i've had so many cant count em on my fingers or twos... it'd probably take two peoples fingers and toes...swifer knows whats up.... im a she bitch man whore... i make hotties eat the jiz!:D :krunk:
  23. ~i~hear~voices~


    holy shit.... not only have i become 2% stupider from reading this dam thread, but i have shat my pants frum laughin so herd, now i need hoot-awn-phonix cause i cant speel shat, and i neef grammer lessons....NoW i'M BeGiNiNg tO tYpE lIkE dIs...FuT mE!!!! :krunk:
  24. ~i~hear~voices~

    the funniest thing(s) you ever seen in your life

    <span style='color:darkblue'>hmmm lets see now... i remember one time i was standing in the line at macys buying a gift for my old lady... it's christmas time so you know how the lines can be...im talking with my friend to pass the time quicker... there's this really fat black chick in front of me.. i hear her say something along the lines of...."god this is taking forever...i'm so hungry" my friend snickers at the comment...but the real kick was when she pulled out a chicken leg from her purse and started eating it in line...she noticed me and my friend just dead staring her and replied..." what?....i gots ta have my chicken!"</span>
  25. ~i~hear~voices~

    mo' shit

    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00333701f00000007.jpg'>'>that one made me laugh....but seriously...you need to quit all thogether you fucking suck man.... ok no im just kidding:D :krunk: