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  1. Holy Fuck I am beyond down for a group show! I need to built my resume up! As much as I would like for it to be in Philly there aren't too many photo galleries let alone good ones. I have no gallery connections but whoever does needs to start inquiring.
  2. PPA!!!!!!! Due to unexpected personal reasons, being in huge debt, and a slave to the 9 to 5 i have be completely out of the loop. I apologize profusely. I get a nice size pay check friday and will next day it. WHO EVER IS NEXT ON THE LIST PM YOUR INFO OR PLEASE EMAIL IT TO : KJCONVERY@HOTMAIL.COM Once again, I am so so sorry. Oh, and rage pants I have a gift for you partially as an apology for sucking with the PPA so if you could also email/pm me your info i'll send it off to you.
  3. i really don't understand any of this, i got bit torrent and i'm searching piratebay. I'm downloading They Live and a couple cds and my download speed is fucking terrible how do i fix this?
  4. i'm pretty sure g love is from philly and this local radio station used to play the song "i like cold beverages" everyday at 5pm so i've been dealing with g love for like 5 years. Not exactly my cup of tea...
  5. i got drunk and forgot to take pictures but yesterday: wake up around noon, overdue work on PPA v.2 hit up local coffee shop make a cake for BBQ prep for BBQ Now I get drunk and take only two pictures: asians eat fuck girlfriend passed out at counter and umm that was my day.
  6. Friday: -work on PPA(finally have some time!!) -talk to "dude" about selling a series of photos(sweeeetttttt) -get coffee at cafe -work on PPA some more -gallery hop "First Friday" with the woman and possibly get drunk on free cheap wine -go home and sleep ::::its starting to rain so first friday may be a no go...maybe get drunk wiith the woman and watch reno 911 season two on DVD Saturday: -Avoid Live 8 at all costs -go grocery shopping -make pasta salad -pick up lots of beer -BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -flip burgers, get wasted, proceed to call all vegatarian friends pussies and possibly throw burgers at them Sunday: -no plans as of yet, possibly hit up the beach(i love being at my parent's house, 15 minutes from Philadelphia, 45 minutes from Atlantic city) -possibly stay at beach Monday: -No plans, if not at the beach furiously masturbate while wearing nothing but an american flag. -If at the beach, get drunk with the woman and family then watch fireworks. USA USA USA
  7. steve austin> did you photoshop those last two polaroids? one>those are so sharp i can't believe you got that from a camera using 600/sx70 film two>The color and saturation is unreal, it is so top notch for a polaroid i may need to steal that(broken?) camera from you. If that camera is in fact broken and those aren't photoshopped you need to get it fixed immediately, they're amazing.
  8. i have mad scene points and street cred, so i had a livestrong bracelt before they blew up. I was at work early last summer and some lady was like, "those little yellow braclets are so hip and cool, do you sell them here?" "no ma'am, this is a pet store..."
  9. I just want everyone to know that I might be a sell out. I'm seriously considering buying a Nikon D70 or a Fuji S2...just about the same camera but whatever... I still intend to shoot shit loads of medium and large format film but I just want all of you to know... Now, back to working on the ppa.
  10. i've eaten deep fried oreos, that was a big mistake...
  11. boxcars> My friend is running xp so it might help but it would be better if it was osx, but thanks.
  12. dumy> thanks but it apparently needs some crack that is really hard to come by.
  13. So I've searched 12oz and I've only found dead links and have been searching and downloading from limewire all day with no success. Can anyone point me in the right direction for obtaining Cubase and/or Reason for OSX? Help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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