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  1. why the fuck would you even post this? it has nothing to do with you or this thread. you need to go back and edit that shit out forreal.
  2. wow its like someone posted the nsf zine to one thread.
  3. http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/fliks/new/new/new/kidsac.jpg'> http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/fliks/new/new/new/necsarek.jpg'> http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/fliks/new/new/bounce.jpg'> http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/fliks/new/new/kids.jpg'> http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/fliks/new/new/seakevict.jpg'> http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/fliks/new/new/ventplates.jpg'>
  4. http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/12oz/26_taxman.jpg'> http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/12oz/evict.jpg'> http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/12oz/jesse26.jpg'> http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/12oz/ralesloc.jpg'> http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/12oz/rekenise.jpg'> http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/12oz/vent/kidsvent.jpg'> http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/12oz/vent/oze.jpg'> http://www.bl4ckh4m.com/12oz/26sidewalk.jpg'>
  5. reke is the king. necs is the lame. nise is the straight edge warrior. evict will get with your girl. raels eats whole hands of raw pasta. tre is down with "O" dogs. BL4CKH4M
  6. woah...i wouldnt goop alot of emulsion on your screen unless you want to double or triple your exposure time. i coat my screens once. and it takes me about 30 minutes to burn right. not using an exposure unit though just a 1000 watt work light. also i dont know how well tracing paper is going to work. i use some inkjet transparencies...you want the non-black part of your film to be as clear as possible. a good thing to do is to do a test exposure where you cover all but a one inch side of the screen with like a piece of cardboard and let it expose for 10 minutes then move the cardboard over an inch and let it get another 10 then again then again then again etc. different light sources are going to take longer or shorter as well as different amounts of emulsion. its tricky at first but once you figure out how long it takes its very simple.
  7. pretty much the only way to get shades of gray is to use halftoning. if you use photoshop its pretty easy to do filters -> sketch -> halftone bump the contrast up to where there is no gray at all. most of the time you want to go with the dot setting. you wont ever need to print on to your film in reverse as you can just flip it depending on where your light source is coming from.
  8. bl4ckh4m


    shirt i made for a few friends: http://www.grizzlebees.com/shirts/bikeshirt.jpg'> it looks really nice on the back of a hoodie also.
  9. http://www.thestore.adidas.com/q402-live/87370_1.jpg'> http://www.streethreds.com/nike_copy/pics/dnk_big.jpg'> http://www.lodown.com/uploads/images/shop_products78_pic2_1e9a_thumb_350x275.jpg'> http://www.thestore.adidas.com/q402-live/87632_1.jpg'> http://www.thestore.adidas.com/q402-live/87625_1.jpg'>
  10. clipse - lord willin' scarface - the fix high on fire - surrounded by thieves high on fire - the art of self defense new wave hits of the 80s vol1
  11. Re: ^^smart people dont say 'nigga' they say "nigger" right?
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