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  1. She is Belgian only on paper, in reality everyone knows she is African-Belgian citizen. Setting herself on fire serves no purpose, why doesn't she go back to Africa and work on their own economy there?
  2. haha i was randomly checking 12oz and i cant believe i saw one of my REALLY REALLY old threads appear totally randomly..how bizarrooooooooo
  3. thanks . if i sell anything would 12ozprophet like a small donation ?
  4. Magazines xplicit grafx - the international writers network featuring: o'clock interview, the underworld, french stell. xplicit grafx volume 2, issue #002 May 1999 $10 JVS "are we really vandals?" Issue #4 $10 While you were sleeping - live the life. issue #15 $2.50 While you were sleeping #21 $2.50 While you were sleeping #16 $2.50 Graphotism - The international graffiti writers publication - collectors edition issue #31 $20 Graphotism - The international graffiti writers publication - collectors edition issue #30 $20 Bomb Alert - Collectors edition 2003 - $10 Playboy January 2005 $4 Playboy January 2005 $4 Playboy december 2005 $4 Books Fast food nation $5 Peter lynch - beat the street $5 How psychic are you? $5 David Icke - and the truth will set you free $5 Misc TI-83+ scientific calculator excellent condition $80 Aleister Crowley - Thoth - Tarot Deck $5 All prices are negotiable. buyer pays shipping. paypal , or western union money orders only. I will provide pictures of items upon request. thanks for reading :)
  5. further merging and inter-working of the corporate-federal system in implementation of various agendas
  6. (sorry i put this into the wrong forum) -Declining housing market -Investment of wealth into non productive assets (war) -Net debtor Nation -Rising costs of fuel -10 Year high of Gold "Risks to the global economy, for example a record current account deficit in the U.S. that could prompt currency traders to drive down the value of the dollar and make European goods more expensive to buyers overseas, ``remain unchanged,'' he said. ``They haven't unloaded and we hope that it will stay like that, that the imbalances are reduced in a gradual and bearable manner,'' Issing said. " http://quote.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=1...qrpE&refer=home Monthly Dollar Chart: Eur Vs. USD Which currency would offer the best trade (not investment?) Are we going to see a gold decline? Buy into gold or sell gold? Buy oil or sell oil? Nigeria/Iran influence oil price up? today there 65/66 will there be 70? Recession or Depression?
  7. metallix


    the reason they are leaving china is b/c they have a co-operation policy between canada and china. apparently they feel they have something to benefit. china also has 1.4+ billion people and its very festering in a lot of places. so many chinese in order to find economic success, try to escape any way they can. canada is a huge landmass and little people there compared to america. USA has strict immigration policies now so they go to canada. plus the chinese education system teaches chinese people english from a very young age so they are competitive and more educated then canadias/americans are. thats the truth. historically the elite of the west has promoted strict genetic selection within their own elite class. however the masses were not encouraged to have genetic selectivity and have been and still/are taught "diversity" is good. furthermore the western society en masse is very ignorant about the rest of the world. did you know the white races constitute a minority of the world population yet inhabits a disproportionate land mass? the west should recognize that other cultures, races and civilizations of the world may become increasingly competitive with the west and or possibly surpassing it in technical/industrial/economic areas of civilization. what do you think about all i wrote?
  8. metallix

    No security

    the US Elite class has made a decision to divorce themselves from the Fate of the USA. Globalization as a phenomenon is no longer stoppable. It has been firmly integrated into the global economic system. The bindings are set and all that need to occur is massive capital flows to create global free trade and wealth distribution like never seen before. USA is not as competitive as it was after World War 2. You know have to compete with a man in Asia for your job. With a person in Eastern Europe who is more educated, speaks more languages then you, and will work for less pay. You must compete or you will suffer and go to welfare. And the War In Iraq? Yes it was for capitalism, a move to corner the global energy markets and ensure FRN's as the global reserve currency. No job is secure. Your life is not even secure. You are living on borrowed time from God. Economic Security as a member of the slave class does not exist. All you have is your time to sell. If your time is useless, then you have nothing to sell. If your time is more expensive then the same time in another country, then your useless also. More problems on the horizon: http://www.counterpunch.org/whitney04082005.html http://news.ft.com/cms/s/883cd656-c62b-11d...000e2511c8.html
  9. ^ I support your statement above. Its absolutely correct. "in a highly developed society, the Establishment cannot survive without the obedience and loyalty of millions of people who are given small rewards to keep the system going: the soldiers and police, teachers and ministers, administrators and social workers, technicians and communications workers, garbagemen and firemen. These people-the employed, the somewhat priveleged-are drawn into an alliance with the elite. They become the guards of the system, buffers between the upper and lower classes. If they stop obeying, the system falls." -Howard Zinn - A People's History of the United States Page 649.
  10. here is something i scanned for all of your benefits. make of it what you will but if you study systems you realize there not all that differen't from each other. furthermore villian you will see that paying for your eduation is part of the class-control system... OR http://img232.echo.cx/img232/3079/communed8ho.jpg
  11. I've spoken to many peope in public schools and discussed many things. It apparently seems many individuals have some latent psychological issues to deal with due to public schooling. They are centers of psychological indoctrination. Our school system is guilty of cooking the history books as well...just different events and people...
  12. FUCK social skills learned in the early years. i was traumatized. there are no social skills learned in school other then your school mates are human trash and the weak are made to justify the strong.
  13. 1. My point was that their methods and statistics have been evaluated, vs. the "hear-say" that the earlier poster was dealing with (i.e. I hear the education system in the United States is awful). 2. This isn't an issue of homeschooling vs. group instruction. It's an evaluation of our educational system. Go read some of the arguments against homeschooling (the socialization issues are a major drawback). Quoted post [/b] 6 entries found for SOCIALIZATION. so·cial·ize Audio pronunciation of "SOCIALIZATION" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ssh-lz) v. so·cial·ized, so·cial·iz·ing, so·cial·iz·es v. tr. 1. To place under government or group ownership or control. 2. To make fit for companionship with others; make sociable. 3. To convert or adapt to the needs of society. http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=SOCIALIZATION NO THANKS.
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