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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/5054214.stm
  2. After all this satan crap for 666 day this has been remarkably refreshing.
  3. Re: «<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support >>> Excellent. I live for power tools. (insert tim the tool man taylor growls)
  4. This is playing out like a desperate last minute power grab. Latin America is becoming more liberated all the time. The globalists greed fucked themselves in Iraq, which is destroying this country, but they don't care as long as they can fill their pockets. They would run this ship aground. The power center of the world shifted to europe. American currency is on the decline. Piling on the deficit. Our international reputation is pretty much fucked now.
  5. one thing about the internet is that there's so many low resolution photos out there...
  6. Re: «<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support >>> I'd like to see some good security resources (you posted a link some pages ago for a bunch of ebooks that has since vanished) specifically for linux. I know you don't really need security for linux but I'd still like to know how to use anonymous proxies, packet sniffers (i have snort but i'm not so sure what to do with it, or even how to install it. I also have ethereal but i'm not so sure how to use that either).... ummm.... a good port scanner, some way to analyze what the hell is going on in those ports.....encryption I have gnomePGP but there is no instruction manual. Hmm.... that might be it. Unless you think of something else along these lines.
  7. nice selection of articles casek. i just realized this. you see, we all (myself included) fell for the groupthink hysteria, and now that the mold is broken, lots and lots more information and facets are coming to light. a microcosm of the phenomenon I was trying to explain. so now I know that our neighbors to the north are capable of the same imperial excesses we experience here.
  8. I might just be a henchman but it's my day too...
  9. That sucks. Maybe your car is so small the bus didn't even see you..... I actually got rear ended bad just like a couple of months after I got my car.
  10. only if it involves graff. i could say i wear a dress after midnight to water hoiseries of little old ladies with my tinkling tinkerbells and not even get a reaction. but graff... watch out.
  11. lots of vagaries for something so vague
  12. umm... reading writing arithmetic all better than doing the crack or speed or whatever you were on when you made thi s thread. i don't have many hobbies outside of art. hmm.... hmmmmmm...... sports shooting. that's all i can think of.
  13. I actually learned recently that low alcohol tolerance is a genetic predisposition for asians.
  14. Basically the point I'm trying to make is that people will live out the identities and stereotypes assigned to them very often. If you are raised in a catholic family, more than likely you are going to be catholic. If you were a jock in high school, you are probably a fat alcoholic wife beater now... lol If you were a nerd in high school you are probably bill gates. If you treat me like shit I'm probably going to hate you. If you have never read about the Stanford Prison Experiment you should check this out. http://www.stanford.edu/dept/news/pr/97/970108prisonexp.html
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