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earl broclo ESQ

Dark Man X vs. Barack Obama

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This is from an interview with DMX in XXL magazine.


Are you following the presidential race?

Not at all.


You’re not? You know there’s a Black guy running, Barack Obama and then there’s Hillary Clinton.

His name is Barack?!


Barack Obama, yeah.




What the fuck is a Barack?! Barack Obama. Where he from, Africa?


Yeah, his dad is from Kenya.

Barack Obama?



What the fuck?! That ain’t no fuckin’ name, yo. That ain’t that nigga’s name. You can’t be serious. Barack Obama. Get the fuck outta here.


You’re telling me you haven’t heard about him before.

I ain’t really paying much attention.


I mean, it’s pretty big if a Black…

Wow, Barack! The nigga’s name is Barack. Barack? Nigga named Barack Obama. What the fuck, man?! Is he serious? That ain’t his fuckin’ name. Ima tell this nigga when I see him, “Stop that bullshit. Stop that bullshit” [laughs] “That ain’t your fuckin’ name.” Your momma ain’t name you no damn Barack.


So you’re not following the race. You can’t vote right?



Is that why you’re not following it?

No, because it’s just—it doesn’t matter. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. It doesn’t really make a difference. These are the last years.


But it would be pretty big if we had a first Black president. That would be huge.

I mean, I guess…. What, they gon’ give a dog a bone? There you go. Ooh, we have a Black president now. They should’ve done that shit a long time ago, we wouldn’t be in the fuckin’ position we in now. With world war coming up right now. They done fucked this shit up then give it to the Black people, “Here you take it. Take my mess.”


Right, exactly.

It’s all a fuckin’ setup. It’s all a setup. All fuckin’ bullshit. All bullshit. I don’t give a fuck about none of that.


We could have a female president also, Hillary Clinton.

I mean, either way it doesn’t matter. I don’t care. No one person is directly affected by which president, you know, so what does it matter.


Yeah, but the country is.

I guess. The president is a puppet anyway. The president don’t make no damn decisions.


The president…they don’t have that much authority basically?

Nah, never.


here's a link to the whole interview:


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Dear god I love every fucking thing that comes out of Yonkers. I should carry a tape recorder with me with the retarded amount of time I spend there, literally in "DMX's hood" and the people from there I know. Holy shit the logic is astounding.

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another favorite part of the interview:


What were you doing in between—from the last album to this one, that whole time? What have you been up to?

Life. I been up to that. It’s been crazy. Fuckin’ police keep on fuckin’ raiding my house and shit for nothing. They took all my fuckin’ guns. All they did is take is take my guns. All they fuckin’ do is fuck my house up and take my guns. That’s all they did. Straight robbed me—that’s what they did.


--about 3 questions before that, he said this:


Have you recorded any songs for the new album?

Yeah, half the album is pretty much done, the gospel album



Gun Clapping Gospel albums are the new black kids --get on it before you sleep on it.

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Fox should commission a show where they have DMX, Souljah Boy, and the Ying Yang Twins take an IQ test and the SATs with like a camera right on their faces and over their shoulders so you could see them really fucking focus on those "which one doesnt belong" questions.



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hahaha--oh shit. they should do a reality show with that, but also show the preparation that leads to the test.


i'm still wishing for a youtube video of 50 cent reciting the Preamble to the Constitution.

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Hahaahaa, wow.


Remember when DMX tried to steal that dude's car by being like "I'm a federal agent, I need your car!" and the guy was like "What?!!? No you're not, you're DMX!"


That was great.

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Fuck all that noise.

He's right about one thing...that election don't matter one god damn bit.

If yall ain't learn your lesson in the past two then by all means have a blast wasting your time in line "voting" for the next liar.


I know yall rock DMX records.

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Dude he isn't that stupid...


What do you think about Lil Wayne? People think he’s the hottest rapper.

He is nowhere near the hottest nothing right now. You can’t be serious.





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i love how motherfuckers on here get all uppidy about shit when some one says anything remotely bad about obama.


who gives a fuck.


fuck that nigga.

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Just by reading the interview I was under the impression he was just pissed off, tired, and stressed... and wanted to get the interview over with. Just talkin out his ass.

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