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  1. Re: A whole block vs one dude Sleepy sleepy.
  2. c-walk


    Haha thats what we call the old guys that spend way to much on custom bikes but ride slower than piss. Usually have a gnarly gut too.
  3. c-walk


    Hey hey now guys. This thread goes to shit usually about 3 times a year. You guys are pushing it off schedule...
  4. Fat chicks are still fat... it's not like it's a thin line between thick and fat. Bad pun.
  5. I didn't bother reading much in this thread but this right here. From the way I look at it, glad he's out of Cleveland. Can't wait for all of Miami to listen to this little cry baby bitch wine about how they haven't won the title in the '12 season. Like I've heard Bojangles say a million times. If you're from Cleveland and you don't like it, then get the fuck out.
  6. c-walk


    Thats a shame, RIP David.
  7. c-walk


    200 isn't unreasonable. It's a nice frame. You could put "fixed gear" in the listing title and some jackass would probably buy it for 400.
  8. I've never ran across so many non-sensicle terms for drugs and their uses.
  9. Wait someone died in Detroit? No Way!!
  10. Re: Dear ________, - no homo Dear Sey Sey, Don't worry. D's get Degrees. You'll do fine. -walker
  11. Re: Dear ________, - no homo Dear Oontz, I graduate college today. Only took me 5 years but hey, it was worth it. This is all... -educatedoner
  12. He had the supporting cast... they built a great team around him. Everyone stepped up and he sat the fuck back except for game two. He played like garbage. If New York thinks that Lebron will do something for them, they're just plain stupid. It'll be the same thing all over again. Then again I also heard mention of D. Wayde leaving so who knows that could happen.
  13. c-walk


    You most likely wont be able to instal a triple without a new bottom bracket because a triple wont fit on the one you have, since it's fit for a double. That's the best thing I can give you right now without knowing a damn thing about your bike. What ind of inclines are you talking about that you can't deal with on a double? I mean I know there are some pretty brutal hills around my way that suck on a double but it's nothing I can't power through (with a little bit of training at least: intervals, trainer, etc). Maybe I just sound like a jackass because I'm kind of drunk. Edit* Oh the toe clips might not be helping as much as clipless pedals as far as helping you up those hills. Might be a cheaper investment than a new crank...
  14. c-walk


    I'll never get it either. Then again I can't see anyone putting in any good miles on a single speed where the correct saddle position would effect you that much. Aside from that, I've been getting ontop of stretching the fuck out of my IT band and quads to reduce my knee pain. It seems to be working out pretty well. I'm going to start Physical Therapy here in about two weeks. I need to finish up graduating college first.
  15. The Cavs are stacked up to beat Orlando. I can't see Orlando coming out on top. And Swamp is right... if the Cavs can't take it this year I doubt it will ever happen. Either way, I'm expecting some sort of riot.
  16. c-walk


    I'm going to get a fit in about 2-weeks. I never ran into problems the past two seasons but I guess everything is catching up to me now. I know a local place that will do a full fit for about 150. I have a few friends that work there so i might be able to get in a little cheaper. I know thats the first thing I should have done when I started riding. Seeing how I've always had knee problems.
  17. Hahaha this is awesome
  18. c-walk


    I just found out I hate Patellar Tendonitis and IT Band Friction Syndrome. Bottom line is, it hurts like hell to walk. Anyone run into anything like this before?
  19. Re: The gulf coast is fucked Mutant fish are going to take over from here on out.
  20. Pfffft and people like cats... com'on now.
  21. c-walk


    I was going to say bombing hills on a fixed gear with no brakes and the other person is an idiot? Reassess your situation...
  22. c-walk

    Dr. 12oz

    Devil Baby. A doctor might be the ticket...
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