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  1. Damn RIP Elliott and shout out to those One Serious Threat stickers
  2. I’m banning every motherfucker who didn’t say me. On god.
  3. Ran the pockets and took the recipe for Krink, so suck my dick.
  4. GLIK$


    Can a girl get pregnant if she swallows?
  5. sorry NYC sucks for shows, unless you're jerking off DMS for spots to play and lineups to get on.
  6. ut oh lets get these ready... That Emit color scheme is insanely funky!! I cant wait to see it get 'revamped' and 'inspired' 16 more times in the next 2 months!!
  7. phew... atleast now we can rest easily knowing that!!
  8. Most of the people going to that show will be going just for the parties and other events, which hopefully will involve some of the bands on that list getting beat up.
  9. basically. Melodic singing, cookie monster vocals, and guitar squeals are the 5th element of the core.
  11. find the sweet spot with a ny fat or euro cap, press directly down no front or back angle youll be somewhat decent to go. if it blows up, let it stem seal with the paint and it tends to have worked for me. But trying to explain how certain cap combos works to HAL is like trying to explain how physics works to Stephen Hawking.
  12. dude that giant 3D was such a fucking good idea.
  13. oh wow you're acting like an actual man? good job faggot.
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