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a kid growin up

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  1. That's my point. All the different people. 12oz is fun. It's a fun community.
  2. I loved 12oz. I got on it all the fucking time and laughed at all the grafndance. You guys are fucking awesome. Cheers. I haven't been on here in forever. Is DAO back or what?
  3. The Mythbusters were fucking lame. I feel like there should have been more serious moments, all of the goofy bullshit wasn't that funny and just made them seem unprofessional. Jon did speak some fucking truth at the end, though.
  4. False. The person below me likes 'pop' music.
  5. Not yet. The person below me is tired.
  6. False. The person below me has been shot.
  7. "Women. You can't live with them and they can't pee standing up."
  8. Not daily. The person below me strictly listens to black rappers.
  9. I'm digging your name. Also, only 325 posts and having an account for 2 years. Someone has a social life. You're awesome, man.
  10. Whoa, you have a green tic tac. I'm proud, broseph.
  11. You have a lot of tampons. I know I couldn't do that. GOOD JOB!
  12. No doubt. We'll have a child too, if you so desire.
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