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So, last Thursday I was on my way to work and my daughter and I almost died...


I was on the freeway headed to work and I was driving in the middle lane.

I put my blinker on, and was planning on merging into the far left lane.

I checked my blind spot and didn't see a car in that lane so I merged left.

All of a sudden my car hit the median and the car flipped and spun

into the middle of both lanes on the freeway.

We ended up upside down, but luckily we've always made a habit of wearing

our seat belts. We were hanging upside down, and I remember looking

back towards my daughter to make sure she was okay.

She started crying and asking for me to help her,

but I couldn't. My seatbelt was jammed and it wouldn't let me out.


Luckily, many people came to our aid and I screamed for them to get her out first.

I don't really remember how I got out.

We stood on the side of the freeway, waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

There was a lady who said she was a nurse, but she kind of stood there in shock and seemed to be more scared then my daughter and I. I ripped my daughter's jacket off of her and she yelled at me to put it back on. I didn't listen. I just wanted to make sure she was okay and she didn't have any cuts or wounds that I wasn't able to see.

My arm was bleeding profusely, but after checking it realized it was only a small



I didn't feel much pain, at first. It must had been the adrenaline and the

concern for my daughter's safety. I didn't really care about myself at the moment.

My daughter looked towards our car, which was upside down in the middle of the

freeway, broken glass everywhere, and papers flying all over the pavement.


She saw her teddy bear on the ground and asked for someone to save it.

It made me smile.


Once the ambulance arrived that's when I felt a shooting pain up my spine. I didn't

want to freak out and scare my daughter, so I just told the paramedics that my back

hurt. I ended up getting a neck brace and they taped me to the gurney.

My daughter was fine. Her chest was scratched and red from where the seatbelt was.

But that was all. On the way to the hospital she laughed and joked with the paramedics.

She described the accident to the paramedics like we were on a roller coaster,

except she said, "but, roller coasters aren't that scary"



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Guest spectr

glad to hear that you and your daughter are ok...

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holy shit... its good to hear you and your daughter are fine, you are very lucky to have been wearing your seatbelts. did you ever figure out why you actually flipped?

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honestly, i don't really remember how it happened.

it was quick and i didn't see it coming at all...

i got cited by the porker though, and i hit someone else,

which is what they're telling me.


my back hurts, but nothing's broken. i got vicodins,

muscle relaxers and some other pain meds.

they make me feel good.


my insurance is paying off the rest of the car, since it's totaled.

i will receive a few thousand, and medical coverage.

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Hope you feel better MG, sounds and looks scary but you guys will be ok it sounds.

At least you can go get another car if you hated the old one.

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it was very scary...i've been in car accidents before, but nothing compares with that,

especially having my daughter in the car with me.

we are very, very, lucky. i can't believe we made it out with minor injuries.


and count chocula, i drive very well...:)

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You have a daughter?


Oh wow


Remind me never to have improper thoughts about you




Glad youre ok


I saw a car accident a little while back


where this car got hit and these 3 asian girls jumped out the car and were all over the highway stunned


the car must have done a 360 cause it was pointed the wrong way


theyre lucky they didnt get hit


they eventually came to their sense and made it to the side of the road





Oh yeah buckling up saves lives


ive been in enough car accidents to do it automatically as soon as i sit down in a whip


and ive known more then one person whove lost their lives in one due to not buckling up

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Guest shai_hulud

Wow. I'm glad you're all right.


Hope you get better soon.

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glad you and the little one are ok. get well and take some vics for me.


i will...i need to drop off my new prescription after work and i plan on

having a pill cocktail for dinner.


and thank you guys for your kind words.....

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i'm fine suki...maybe just some hugs and cuddling haha


and thanks roadpig for your package! it made me smile.

i got it after i got released from the hospital.

i'm going to use those dick straws haha

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