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  1. Fairly certain his stuff was still at his station last time I was there under a month ago. Neither Kyle or Justin said anything about him not being there anymore, but I am nobody when it comes to hearing news like that. As well it was my first time in there.
  2. Re: Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Has Cancer, Tour And Album Postponed RIP Nathanial Hornblower will be missed.
  3. I think the bullshit I was talking about would play out different between different groups of people. No snitching, on the group or where I heard the nonsense. I don't see most people caring ... but obviously some are threatened by that behavior. I was surprised to hear it, and since he is homies with Igloo I put it up here. Normally I wouldn't spend two seconds on some silly industry gossip like that. Funny how much people here are bothered by it. Almost a page of shit about it. something else.
  4. Your term "whiny little bitch" is distorting the thought. If said pro is looked up to by most on the team, and new jack comes along and pops pro signature trick before pro can do it for the crowd. Pro makes a comment to the team, who are they going to back ... pro or new jack. How ethical or correct this is doesn't matter, it just is. This isnt a bunch of homies having a random session. This is a sales driving moneymaking demo. I'm done with this ... it was supposed to be a quick tidbit for Igloo ... not a breakdown of right and wrong with you.
  5. Off- Topic Its no wonder congress cant get anything done if the bulk of the populous is stuck pigeon holing each other and infighting ... just like they do in session this drawing lines of right and left to every topic under the sun. Karl Rove did an amazing job if we are still stuck on this damn near 10 years later. On-Topic Schools should teach tolerance of all social segments, anything less is bigotry. If parents want a more church focused teaching for their children there are private schools. If said parents cant afford private school, maybe they should have been paying more attention to what has been going on in our politics for the past 3 decades and not have voted purely based on christian values.
  6. The fact that anyone against this keeps mentioning teaching 2-4 years old kids being taught any bit of sexuality didn't read the same article. It specifically framed how families come in all shapes and sizes a preschool level of understanding tolerance. Getting into the sexuality of it occurs parallel to the rest of sexual education in school. This article was framed by someone with an agenda to make it sound horrible without room for difference of opinion, too much like the rest of overly religious dogma. Its sad, I am not yet a parent ... will be soon enough. I don't want my kid to be taught lies to satisfy the prejudice of one group of people. Regardless if that is homophobia, or creationism. I would like my kid to see it all and make an educated decision for themselves.
  7. Yeah but if you are a famous "whiny little bitch" your opinion of a young guy coming up can matter to others near your rungs on that status ladder. Which can impact young guy not getting invited to come along for other events, etc, hence exposure outside of the Canadian scene. I don't think anyone ever accused sponsored skaters of acting like mature adults. :confused:
  8. JS kills it ... he just needs to chill and be a bit smarter if he wants to make it in the big show. He has upset a few people with some young gun bullshit. Landing established dudes signature tricks before they can at demos when he is in posse with said dudes. Gay as that sounds ... its a bad look.
  9. There was a type of scribe my crew made in the 90's and their use never really spread out. Seeing some of those multi stroke hits above reminds me of them. Someone make some of these and carry it on !! They write so much smoother than normal scribes. We would take the round Dremel sander tips ... fill them with hot glue so they don't collapse when pressed on. They dominate any surface ... like using an ultra wide compared to a sharpie.
  10. I like that Tosh said the same thing at the end of his show last night. "Do you" After reading and holding back from commenting on the over sensitive nature of that rant, I about died laughing to see it on TV the very same day. Since I am typing: who the fuck do you "rightfully report" that to ?? Is there a task force or some shit ?
  11. Would have been better if it were gatorade, to make them all double take on it.
  12. He should focus on himself and Co-parenting with a problematic partner. Do the best he can to help his kid/s not end up with 2nd degree trauma from the experience (ie being stuck between two people that hate on each other and use the kids as pawns) Girl will flip when he turns the page and is super work-style professional but emotionally separated with her. One of my buddies is on the same shit ... but not suicidal. Life keeps on rolling
  13. Poesia Your work has blown me away since the first time I saw a piece in person on a trip to SF in the 90's. This one I cant wrap my head around how you work, seeing the end result always challenges me. I tend to try and break work down ... and with yours all I can see is the end result. Really like the little white hits in these recent two, and with your insight on the change in direction they make more sense. Keep sharting !!
  14. Here is what I have going now, hoping to have a garage with my power tools set up sometime soon. The cart I have my pallet and brushes on wheels under the shelf unit to save room when I'm not working.
  15. Go to the hotel the Shining was filmed at which is in Estes park. stanley hotel/
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