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  1. self promo wack pieces. waste of paint.
  2. he got banned? he sounded like hed be so cute;)
  3. ..and the winner is..... !!crocodile queers
  4. more important to send nas to space
  5. hahahahahhaahahhah! that makes my day.
  6. why dont you shut the fuck up "francis"
  7. the funny thing is im getting more positive props than neg props. dont worry i wont out anyone.
  8. first i get accused of looking for props. then i get accused of making things up and being a troll (wtf does that mean?) as if you guys havent seen a guys ass and thought "that looks nice" whats with the homophobia?
  9. halloween rocked! i got so drunk i made out with two of my guy friends while on extasy. im not a homo though. peace!
  10. i got laid for the first time last night. and yes i found the clitoris. one funny thing was i was really getting into it and she farted. do girls really fart out of their pussy cause it sounded weird.
  11. well, i got flamed. big deal. at least im getting 18 year old pussy and 90 percent of you guys are squids.
  12. yes. like its totally impossible and unbeleivable. give me negaprops or something. i could care less.
  13. how am i supposed to know. they dont tell you in sex ed class. im not about to ask my friends. i dont want to ask her (ive told her ive been laid) and i might as well ask anonymously on the internet. thanks for the one (hopefully) truthfull response.
  14. ive never been layed and my girlfriend wants to do it. ive seen anatomy pictures of the vagina and my girlfriends pussy doesnt seem to have one. where do i look? go Detroit Lions. the best football team ever.
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