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Everything posted by SADDAM HUSSEIN

  1. i dont know what you should do... sorry
  2. 21 fucking a 17 year old is ok in my book.. im 29 boning 21 yr old, but i like sex from girls in their 25's or so..
  3. well, at least he went out as the joker
  4. i thought it woulda been dope if there were a bunch of predators...other than that... it seemed like two underachieved directors took all of the alian/pred movies and rolled them into one big mess
  5. i like how this is for me... one day we're talkin about buying a house and makin a little girl, how much we love eachother and sex and out of nowhere... she dumps me... havent talked to her... not sure when i will, but like i said. i make lots of money... shits good.. she bought me a 500$ bulova watch and some nice shorts for christmas
  6. i gotta give my girl credit... she was in love with me one day... breaks up with me on christmas eve... God that pain was something good. she did it over myspace too...lol i called her 3 times and she was makin like i was harrassing her.. the first was to see what is going on... the second was a plea, the thirsd was saying.. OK all three times, she never answered the phone... oh well i make lots of money.
  7. more numbers.... 305-722-3115 305-421-7399 i asked them if they have morphine.... they do!! then when i asked them how much morphine i can obtain, they said as much as i want. i told them they're supporting terrorism.. my co-workers were trippin out. they didnt know what the phonecall was about so they thought i was tellin off some random guy. ask them for drugs, pretend youre part of an american anti-drug operation and youre seeing what this phone number is all about.. dont let them win.. bully them. my job is awesome
  8. my homeboy had one in Concord CA people in nevada come through with you can get it through a simple pet shop in vegas... they showed sample pictures of old people with pet mountain lions and shit
  9. haha... they offered me a free car if i purchase medicine.. then i started in with subtle profanities
  10. oh, my boss is a crazy lady... she gets these phone calls from outsourced easter indians and she know im the one to give the phone to... she gets a kick out of what kinda craziness i have to say to these guys. so i was talkin with one of them and he was trying to sell me shit and i went ALL OUT AMERICAN on him. this actually gets me cool points at work.. when i showed her the prank call thread, she thought it was great. so i decided to get these bastards back.. they talk big to women like they aint shit... give the phone to a man and they're all about kissass. you girls should call them up and start moaning and talkin dirty to them..lol some of you guys should do the same.lol if any of you have numbers of these outsourced callers.. give it up.. i'll call them for you.
  11. 302-724-4383 SO I GET A CALL FROM THIS GUY AND I TELL HIM SHIT LIKE,,, IM AN AMERICAN!! I LIKE TITTIES AND CAR PARTS! DID YOU SEE WHAT WE DID TO IRAQ?! WHERE AM I FROM?! he replies....AMERICA.....I TELL HIM, SAY IT LOUD AND SAY IT PROUD!!kinda like the way cuba gooding was on jerry mcguier..it was great, but um.. here's his number, he was telling me that i was the superior one and GOD BLESS AMERICA... IT WAS GREAT have fun...he and his supervisor was pleading with me not to post this number on the net.. my boss is cool, she's askin me to come on 12oz to do this.:scrambled: now back to work:huh:
  12. super virus.... when will you come?
  13. its all about stealing clubs from unsuspecting golfers at the practice putting area.... i never got so much of a kick stealing anything. other than that, everybody claims im a natural... its cool, but im more of an extreme sports guy
  14. it didnt get much play, but the JAPANESE THREAD was pretty cool
  15. i dont have one to go to, but im sure one of you guys know of some good ones. some people look down on them, but i think they're great.. i show a lot of noobies how to get down on those things.. easier than explaining how to work some cuts and letter structure.
  16. recently obtained the SABER book... dope shit
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