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Duck Survives 2 days in fridge.

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A duck in the US state of Florida has survived gunshot wounds and a two-day stint in a refrigerator. A hunter shot the duck, wounding it in the wing and leg. Believing the bird was dead, he left it in his fridge at his home in Tallahassee.

The hunter's wife got a fright when she opened the fridge and the duck lifted its head, a local veterinarian said.

Staff at the Goose Creek Animal Sanctuary who are treating the bird said it has a 75% chance of survival.

The plucky duck was taken first to a local animal hospital, and then to an animal sanctuary for more specialised treatment.

A veterinarian at the sanctuary said he thinks the duck will live, but will probably never be well enough to be released into the wild.

The veterinarian, David Hale, said the duck's low metabolism rate helped it survive its time in the refrigerator, the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper reported.

"This is an extremely tough duck with a lot of spirit to live," he said. "This shows how tough and adaptable wildlife are".

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Dude was a fucking bad shot...


That's why you always put one in the head...

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Guest spectr
it's pretty funny that they took it the vet


yeah really... you figure the guy shot it.. thought he killed it brought it home and stuck it in the fridge to eat... but then instead of taking it outside and putting it out of its misery, he decided to take it to the vet, when he realized what a bad shot he was... shit it's not even like he would have had to shoot it or anything... he could have just plucked the feathers off and stuck the thing in the over, not like it was going anywhere, or just reached in a draw and taking out a knife and stabbed the thing.

I seriously have a problem with people trying to kill things to eat them, then not eating them... its just wasteful...

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"got a fright"



the fridge probably saved its life.




but yeah, if they were trying to kill it anyway, why'd they take it to the vet and not just kill it deader?

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If I was the one that found it in the fridge I would've killed that thing just by reaction.

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