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Everything posted by JambaJuice

  1. In fact...this is fucking stupid. Do you guys remember when people actually painted? That's what I'm going to do...see yall on the streets...hopefully.
  2. i don't see why you guys give a shit what that cryptkeeper dude thinks. dudes too scared or whatever it is to say what he writes, why should anyone give him the time of day?
  3. how do you post images from flicker? searched nashville graffiti, and tried to post something, it doesnt work
  4. he doesnt post flicks, because he doesn't paint.
  5. that is one fucked up looking apple
  6. Slick Rick and West Coast didn't sell at the show, so if anyone's interested, make an offer...
  7. ooooh, lil lele, why did you not come for the show??? :*(
  8. thanks to those who showed up to the show..
  9. the kid's just lookin for some love. yall relax heres a junt i did
  10. that cock-rainbow is the business
  11. TM is the main organizer, Rocket town is hosting it. as far as I know, that is..
  12. Wait, did I already post that extreme whip picture?
  13. I wouldn't talk about people I haven't met, especially about something as trivial as looks. However, I do think Ksra is a very good looking girl, and she also has the heart of the warrior, which is more than some of you can say, probably me too... What yall know bout them grafiti boyz?
  14. haha that uh on the left is ill.
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