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  1. Kabar....i dont know if you already have, but can you elaborate on your first few freight hops, and the shit that happened when you first started? if i missed it, someone tell me the page number.
  2. i dont like what you did, but i like how you did it.
  3. i remember that spot...that building is super creepy
  4. why is that "cern" piece so good but the handstyles are so fucking ugly?
  5. peep that mouse pointing to zews piece...thats what i look like
  6. it says kars and it has an arrow ppointing to cars
  7. nice character....got flicks of the rago at rocket town?
  8. damn...is biting not considered bad in your city? lot of questionable shit there
  9. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=121340 For everyone who didn't know, theres a thread entitled "Kuma in American Gangster". i swear no more various google kumas check out this wicked bear
  10. yeah, someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny!
  11. You saw that too? The one in American Gangster, the movie. There is a Kuma tag in there, i think it's in the beginning. I haven't seen the movie but I heard about it.
  12. i dont know what a window jumper is and what do you people do for a living? the desk jobs, what are they? unless this has already been discussed
  13. yeah well when you're sponsored it aint that hard to be crisp
  14. I fucking love Tennessee. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Tennessee authorities say a father is accused of raping two teenage daughters and forcing them wear electric dog collars. The father is charged with aggravated child abuse and two counts of rape. And his wife also faces charges. Prosecutors say she knew about the use of dog collars but not the alleged sexual assaults. She faces charges of aggravated child abuse and failure to report child abuse. + if a new citywide measure is approved, the indoor furniture will have to be moved back inside — or you will be cited. OAS_AD('300x250_1'); Mayor Tommy Bragg said he's not sure why city codes staffers have asked the council to ban indoor sofas and recliners on porches, + State can use electric chair only if inmate asks Attorney general issues opinion By SHEILA BURKE Staff Writer Tennessee cannot use the electric chair to execute prisoners unless they choose that method of death, the state attorney general said Tuesday. Prosecutors have been calling on the state to use the electric chair as a backup after a U.S. District Court in September found Tennessee's lethal-injection procedures unconstitutional.
  15. Reactivated task force to help wipe away graffiti By JENNY UPCHURCH Action Line PROBLEM: Tami Forbes and her husband were appalled by graffiti on one of Nashville's greenways. "The defacement of benches, bridge, pavement, etc. is ugly and criminal! Please, can you help with awareness of this growing problem in Nashville?" ACTION: Metro Parks and Recreation removed the graffiti. "There are pockets in Nashville where graffiti always happens," said Gwen Hopkins-Glascock of the Metro Department of Public Works. "But it does seem to be spreading and we're starting to see it in more areas … subdivisions and condo complexes where you might not expect it." It's costly, too. Metro schools spend half a million dollars a year to deal with graffiti. A graffiti task force has been re-activated with members from Metro agencies, the state highways department, the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and Nashville Electric Service. The task force is setting up a paint bank. Stores and contractors can donate paint, and it can be given to needy homeowners or businesses hit repeatedly. Public Works organizes neighborhood "Paint the Town" graffiti cleanups and can give advice on anti-graffiti sealants and how to remove graffiti. Metro Beautification also plans to alert stores that selling graffiti supplies (such as large quantities of spray paint to minors) can mean a $500 fine. Parents are also liable, and that is if kids are found with graffiti supplies, even if they're not caught in the act. WHO'S WORKING ON IT: Metro Beautification and Environment, 862-8750.
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