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  1. spa blue PT, krylon semi flat black outline, dusty pink shell sorry was talking about the train
  2. I though it was a pretty awesome idea. The sweaters are pretty ugly, but the idea seems great...
  3. that tuff and easy paint still gives me nightmares...
  4. Raw fish

    dear god

    roasted red peppers i believe
  5. you sure? I thought I looked into it once and they arent... skunks are defintely illegal here, hedgehog was my second pick for a weird pet
  6. The Urban Exploration Resource link is awesome, tons of great info, seems like they are pretty down on writters however...
  7. read 4 Palahniuk books in 4 days... lullaby, diary, haunted and choke (ok, I lied, not quite done with choke yet...) dont know what to read after that
  8. In response to happyvegan... meat/protein shouldnt be a key part of any humans diet.... 80% should be carbs, 10% fruit/veg, 10% protein of couse thats all dependant on what you do with your daily life... body needs protein to build muscle, carbs are fuel
  9. I think Dawoods ethics are the most on point after reading all of this... Vegan for a few years, vegetarian for a few more, tossed my own ideas back and forth for years... I try as hard as I can to NOT support factory farming, Im careful about where the money Im spending goes... Humans are omnivores as stated before... we have teeth designed for that kind of diet. I met vegan hunters and fully support that choice. What it ultimately comes down to is how close are you willing to get to your means of survival? How involved are you in every aspect of your life? Clothes, f
  10. I get those notices that I dont post enough, so I randomly pick a thread and post something....
  11. The YL monthly newsletter should be dropping soon, best get on the mailing list.
  12. Thats the first out of sight orange Ive ever seen...
  13. I dont think kids play outside anymore... Remember when walkie talkies were cool? Now I see 1st graders with cell phones...
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