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  1. ^^ hahahahaha come on nao dude. if shit like that was actually effective, unicorns would fly out of my butt and every time i'd fart, the doorbell would ring at everyone's house with a hot pizza pie. if only...
  2. Hating on the detroit diet, eh? I used to want to kill people and set shit on fire when I couldnt find hot cheetos anywhere in CT. Nayto, come to detroit and pull that shit, heehhehe. BTW i've never seen anything you've effar done. bump kve, the crispy reo, and andrew wk. and fatass foods all day. never knock cheetos. also, that jas is nice
  3. i've seen that paint at the dollar store! but it has a white paper label... and one time ward totally filled a backpack full of the shit with the aisle on camera. we were lawling right out of the store. and then i ate like churchs chicken, some other shit, and i think del taco... ahhahaha. fat times. I personally prefer unicorn paint. bump smoking quarters of chronic in one sittings.
  4. haha that n in the naked is backways bump the hell out of that east coast looking elmer
  5. bump the fartsauce out of this. happy colors, and it's going with the talking heads the computer is blaring.
  6. pretty sure i know the fat bish beyond the rize hand on the bus shelter... wcsu music dept was bammer minus the weedhead string playersssssss babillions props for kve, beat, crest, etc... more flicks of millplain would be dope. i'll try to dig some shits out soon once i get all my computer ish together.
  7. my homie is breating super loud next to me, i don' t think he can handle black and milds yet. dunno how he cant smoke those, yet can drink steel reserve and shit to no end...ahhhahhh also, oj simpson joined like today, and has already been tampwned? hahaha fuck this cabin fever d_d
  8. a++ color scheme on that shock and paid //edit, that green, black, purple, red oneeeeeee go posts faster than mine
  9. leezy is on the correct tip with warmed spots... i been doing them all winter, good timeses. makes the snow green and smoky :D
  10. You know, I thought we all owned one of these t-shirts... also cough cough a lot of you guys make yourselves very available on a specific social networking site. +privacy settings. ya welcome in advance. bump the rila above, and the fact that all this drama>super bong sunday. Feta cheese is never going to taste the same on salads again. If I ever start eating mad greek salads, I'm going to be telling the dish that it's snitchin, and get kicked out of the restaurant for being a straight-up kook.
  11. that picture makes them look like they came out of the irish potato famine or a house of pain video or something... fuck being sick/allergic to whatever is making my dumb ass sneeze so hard, i get thrown back into furniture and walls. it's that 2010 H2N2 hahaha
  12. mention of jamaican gets me hungry for patties http://www.udeonjamaicanpatties.com/
  13. i would have a dope ass time ordering food there while tripping your counter is talking to meeee
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