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could anyone give me feedback?


the pic looks shitty and all but oh well. i should have taken the pic outside. any pointers?




oh, on the S where you see like a creamy yellow line, it's the light reflecting off :heated:


oh well


comments please.


oh yeah,


i used paint markers.



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hmmm, whell your new and it looks like your keepin it simple so i dont know what to say more than practise practise practise. i think you need to try and come up with some ways of making it a little more original though. not saying its bitten or anything just a little on the bland side ya know. keep it up!


ohh ya make the out line a different colour than the background blue. in some spots the letters look a bit thinner than they would if you used a different outline.....

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Guest Wimp-Core

Im a beginner, and this being a beginner thread I thought why the fuck not..





A style I was messin around with-




I have quite a few more sketches I could share... not that you'd want to see them or anything. heh.

I mess around with alot of styles from simples to weird 3-d shit. But Im for sure a beginner so critisism is allright. Even the childish name calling :D



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Originally posted by tears*uno

...swif you have good potential; how long you been writin for?


to be honest, i been writing...or should i say "doodling" here and there since .97...i didn't have the desire to write until i found out about the prophet. soo...i should say...december 2001

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keep rockin' them letters and I swear, everytime you rock 'em, you'll improve the potential you already got.

Chill for an hour each day and draw five outlines using your basic letters. If you change them a little each time you'll start getting a better feel for the letters and different styles based on your original, will start bustin' out.


Both hands are nice.

I see what you're tryin' to do with your graff Wimp-Core but it's not comin' off right. Your mark is slick though. Maybe you should do some letters based on your hand styles.

You'll find that most graff letters are base on what a chisel point pilot can do.

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