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  1. For real. Save the rain forest and don't put up those wack stickers untill your just a little bit better.
  2. Just keep practasing. And to the both of you. One shouldn't put so much value in what some cats from the Internet say. "Um I know, I, ah um am ah toy." Please, work on your self esteem befor you work on your paper "graffiti".
  3. Xide. I'm loving how the letters are not "Finished" on top.
  4. If only that cat didn't leave town. (612) Heavy Metal. Thanks MUCH, and keep keeping it real.
  5. Wazmataz


    These are tight, but I'm sure that there are some more Revs flicks plus an interview in the New "bible". It's a great book eveyone should own.
  6. Like woah... Why did I look at this? ..
  7. Asi Asi. Not feeling some of the E's:)
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