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Bode characters always add that finishing touch...


Well, the tried and true method is learning straight letters really well. Based on the first few pages you posted I’d say you’re obviously putting in the effort on that end, but I would encourage you

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Guest focus
Originally posted by --zeSto--

cap who? I've been rocking that since junior high!


Zesto runs out of this thread screaming...


i'll join you in a sec. first . . .


this cap



and beleive me he was rocking shit before your parents ever dreamed of having you. i'm sure your mom just rolled in your dads wet dream anyways.


and how is it that you can have over 500 posts and never heard of cap?

wow the internet is killing all that is good.


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holy pre-shrunken purple spandex batman! i'll be damned, that does look somewhat alike. i straight freehanded that shit. maybe i seen it in letters one day, and just processed that when i was drawin...i dunno, and to tell you the truth i could really care less. i'm sorry im under-educated on the history of graffiti and i can't draw for shit. no diss intented on cap's behalf, his shit is much ill. i grovel at his feet! i was talkin about the blob since junior high. oh, and my 500 posts still makes me cool right? :confused:

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Guest --zeSto--
Originally posted by dai

no diss intented on cap's behalf.


that's the whole point... CAPONE is UNdissable.

It true, you cant touch him. He doesn't diss, he is the diss.


Focus... check your mail

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hey ratheruneek, you really suck, and im trying to be nice. your character looks like webster, a pissed off webster because his arms are so small, second your letters suck beyond belief, and why do toys always put guns and knives and shit next to their characters? you're not hard, give up now and kill your self.

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Guest tears*uno

Re: thanks....


Originally posted by ratheruneek

I really appreciate all the feedback but i really doesn't matter. I know that I am a very talented artist and that is all that matters. o stop hatin andget off the jealousy kicks and your lives will be a lot less sad....eat a dick.......


hahahah ...keep boostin that ego chief

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Guest focus

that character kinda reminds me of gary coleman, tugging his small ass dilz. why are his hands on his cock? why the guns? are you saying you're some ill gangsta or some shit? the letters aren't bad but the character is hella unproportioned.


that last swif is ok, give it some three d, not too much though, let those letters come through.

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