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  1. steal this book, steal this movie, now steal this album...man those guys are creative!
  2. http://www.thedrinksgroup.co.uk/md.jpg'> fox knows what im talkin' bout
  3. aww man that character is boss! that raichu guy has the illest handstyle too!
  4. my girlfriend that's 'in love with me' hasnt made time for me in 3 weeks, and i've tryed making time for her but something comes up, or she blows it off and changes the subject when i ask her about it. i think she's cheating on me too, with more than one person, and today she told me "right now my friends are more important than a boyfriend"...so now im entitled as a 'boyfriend'. ever since my 18th birthday, which most of who i would call 'my closest friends' forgot it was my birthday, and half of them decided not to show up at my hotel. my dad has been up my ass about getting a job, he's a complete asshole. i try to get along with him, but it doesnt work. he's always bitchin, and he's a real bad alcoholic. if you know me, you know how my pops is. i act like it doesn't bother me, but it eats at me, i'll never have respect for him like a son should have for a father. im behind in my courses, i've been really unmotivated and have no ambition at all lately. i feel like im gonna go nowhere in life. i dont know what to do anymore, i just ride the days out as they come at me. i think im becoming an alcoholic, and i've been doin alot of valium too. i dont know what it is, i really think i have emotional problems, but i dont know about seeing a psychiatrist. oh well, life goes on, nobody ever said it would be easy.
  5. dai

    white people

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/895000/images/_899770_pansy150.jpg'> "what'd you say cracka!?"
  6. wait till they find out how many guys she's slept with
  7. aw bitch. tell me why i just sold a 35mm camera to cash converters for like $25...i totally got bit in the ass with that deal, just the short 'telescope' was worth $25, that's not including the big one and the camera itself...heh its ok though, the camera was pretty fucked up anyways. i doubt it even worked ;P
  8. haha this is halarious. mad love to beck's beer, jamaican rum blunt wraps, and those 7-11 nachos.
  9. http://uweb.superlink.net/czorn/gaclub/DCC/Scrapbook/Becks.jpg'> there isnt a german beer i love more than beck's cheeers! :king:
  10. i wasnt really saying adult as in adult, just a classification. i guess i always looked forward to it, and things are gonna be just how they were. curfew never bothered me to began with, and cigarettes and alcohol usually arent a problem. i dont think much is gonna change
  11. so im facing what i feel like i've been waiting for half of my life, my 18th birthday. i'm not really as excited as i should be, other than getting brutally trashed at my parents expense for the last time. what's so good about it other than being able to buy cigarettes without getting carded or curfew? what could be so bad other than going to jail for knockin down 15yr olds?
  12. dai

    Lucky stuff

    i must ask...what the hell is a tesseract?
  13. dai


    there's plenty. why not check a search engine? or you could just click here
  14. dai

    Chocolate and stuff

    i remember some time ago, me and a friend of mine were trippin, and we go outback to smoke a cigarette, and its cold as hell. well his beagle runs up to me shiverin and lookin hungry as hell, so me being the nice guy that I am, offer the dog some of my mint M&M's, actually it was more like half the bag (big bag too), but the whole time im not even thinkin dogs cant eat choclate...until after feeding the dog. oh well, i laughed and the night went on. well what happens the next day, poor dog is missing...and the only conclusion i can come to is i killed her. R.I.P. Daisy i never meant to feed you choclate girl...
  15. dai

    so 12oz is the best

    our humble home :sighs: :eek:
  16. my cat would tear that shit out the frame!
  17. haha what a long friday night :rolleyes:
  18. someone do my name next! :rolleyes:
  19. im making a site for a class, and it's based on urban cultures (music, xports, arts, what have you) and i need a handstyle for my intro art and layout...but here's the issue...MY HANDSTYLE SUCKS. soooo i was wondering, anyone wanna do it for me? i need someone to write out 'surreal society', i want it to be legible, and it needs to be black on clean paper because i have to transfer in adobe. help me out here guys...and telling no isnt gonna help me, its good moral support though!
  20. your existance is just a trick your subconcious is playing on you.
  21. my boy's phone number was a number off little ceasars, you dont know how many people called his house a busy night. it was great, we'd take down orders, tell people they couldn't order, tell them there pizza was free, or it was $50, just all sorts of things.
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