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  1. bloc party was one of those bands i thought were just riding the new "dance party" indie wave of popularity and were popular just because they were super trendy. then i got off my high horse and actually listened to their album and i realized they are actually really really good. that is all.
  2. crystal skulls - locked down
  3. exactly, i knew you guys would understand.
  4. i'm sure none of you care, but this really pisses me off. if any of you have any connections with adobe...somehow....sometime, please bring this up. thank you.
  5. Mammero, head on over to www.okflavor.com they linked to it and were nice enough to host a mirror.
  6. imagine if i poured vodka in it! some crazy fucking screwdrivers. i tell you what.
  7. i've been going to art school and starting a career and shit. i work for zumiez as a designer now. haha weird.
  8. final cut pro, the title sequence was a mixture of photoshop and after effects.
  9. so i haven't posted here in a long while. but i figured this was worthy of a come back. my room mate and i found oranges in the bottom drawer of our fridge that have been festering there for over a year and a half. not only that, but a very large quantity of liquid leaked into the bottom drawer creating the most disgusting concoction i have ever laid eyes on. http://armadadesign.com/stuff/gross1.jpg'> so we evaluated the situation and thought it would be best to clean this up, and it would be best to document it. http://armadadesign.com/stuff/dan.jpg'> http://www.armadadesign.com/stuff/fridge.mov size: 9mb length: 1:25 enjoy.
  10. a guy took two songs, panned one left and one right, so each song is coming out of a seperate channel. you'll notice that they pick up at the same time, breakdown at the same time, have the same chord progression and END at the same time. it's really fucking brilliant http://www.princeton.edu/~vperry/blog/nickelback.mp3
  11. i completely support the wonk saggin shirt, i probably wouldn't wear one, but if i saw someone wear it, i'd smile a lot. you get my endoresment. i want to see a flick.
  12. my server was down due to billing issues. but shit is back up so you shouldn't be seeing Xs anymore.
  13. i finished a design job and got a huge fucking check, i went straight to my local apple store and bought the 40 gig ipod. not only do i have all my music on the fucker, it works as a tiny firewire hard drive and i can take my files to school with ease. and not only can i use it as a hard drive when it's plugged in via firewire THE THING IS FUCKING CHARGING! it is really the most convienent piece of hardware i've purchased in al ong time. and worth every penny. bump for ipod.
  14. sorry dude, no sad penguin yet. but here's some more drawlingz. http://ihurtnow.com/micah/pope.jpg'> http://ihurtnow.com/micah/run.jpg'> http://ihurtnow.com/micah/meany.jpg'> http://ihurtnow.com/micah/baseball.jpg'> wooooooo. wooo. get on bored.
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