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  1. true. yeah i got bunch of fotos. dont know if i should post it though. to much drama.
  2. Re: new way of getting up nationwide..... i doubt this is actually form los angeles. if your in los angeles why would you tag it on something. i can see if your in hawaii and taging los angeles, that makes more sense. think about it.
  3. i like that pink masas sticker on that window.
  4. no. those titties were gone the next day. i lost all the pix of them due to a girlfirend.
  5. the shitty thing about this pic is that i lost them all...fuck
  6. idonotlikeu


    it says...... dumb
  7. he got the slut part right.
  8. oh are you lost? that would be in the second floor third row, its in the metal heads department. thank you have a nice day.
  9. who said i didnt love yours.....
  10. no no. you got it all wrong. he's a "no one".
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