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  1. your all gay...my point exactly...take a step back and look what you wrote...you wrote nothing but a bunch of curse words...that's all I need to say...you show your intelligence just by the way you post....damn you are stupid. (6 uses of the word "fuck"..you are smart)
  2. your all gay..you are honestly one of the dumbest people I have ever read about...First of all, learn how to to use the right term..if you want your name to sound right,it should be"YOU'RE all gay". So like I said before, go back to second grade English class and learn something. I have NEVER heard anything smart come out of your mouth...dumbass!
  3. whats up with all this sympathy for the girl? And Jive turkie.....you must be one desperate kid man. You hopped all over her shit....damn you're sad...
  4. I am real sick of all these fuckin people saying..."oh you gotta work on your placement." "you really need to work on your handstyle"..."it's nice,but your letter structure needs a lot of work". Is there only one right way to draw and sketch???? NO, so stop being stupid because every single person has there own style and own way of seeing things!! Some of you fuckin people act like you are art professors or something..
  5. smok.. I don't wanna be a dick.But STOP biting from "the great" Dondi White.......
  6. you're right....I think you should get your dick out of your fathers ass and stop running your mouth...and oh by the way,you might want to go back to your 3rd grade English class and learn the proper spelling of "your". It is spelled you're,you fuckin idiot...ahahha you dumb fuck
  7. ok...i was wrong...I know a 4 year old that can grab the pen and scribble and it will be more more artistic than your shit...you suck buddy...you're horrible
  8. that krieg sht is a hell of a lot better than your little chicken scracth drawings...I know 2 year old that can scribble better drawings than you...
  9. ahhahahahahah...desired, you piece of shit..the only thing you burn is the fuckin warts off your nuts you homo thug....ahahahahaahahah
  10. thats fucked up man...you have no fuckin heart at all...I don't know if you've ever lost one of your best friends...but it's a fucked up situation to go through..it's not a fuckin joke ......seriously
  11. here is the story..maybe it will help you understand the quotes.....and also..you must hear the song,because it has a hell of a lot to do with this...http://ithacajournal.com/news/stories/2002...al/1482022.html
  12. First, that is what I am talking about. I really honestly appreciate all the feedback. That is what this is about.I just wnted better artists to help mea little you know. Second, the whole brother thing is not abou being blak or whit r chinese. It's that we are artists or trying to become artists. We are all in the smae boat. Some better , some worse. My point is that we should all try to help each other get better and not just degrade the work. Finlly, the reason why I drew him is because I wanted to dedicate a little drawing to him. He's been locked up for 4 1/2 months of a 15year bid. And I honestly don't care what you guys think of the quotes because if you knew the story then you understand........thanks again...
  13. alright, obviously you guys don't get it. I realize that his is not a masterpiece. I realize that. And no, I don't want people to get on my nuts. What I a looking for is some better artists to help me out and tell me ways to improve my sense of drawing. When I posted it I didn't expect anyone to like it and that's ok. Although you guys say the quotes are gay and such, they do have a lot of meaning between me and this kid. All I want is for people to tell me ways to improve and just help a brother out. I don't care if you like it or not, just let me know how to make my shit better. I'm a loner. None of my friends draw or even know what a good drawing is. That is why I come here for some help. Not for people to tell me what a shitty artist I am.
  14. the reason why I post is to get some constructive criticism. I don't mind that, becaue that is what I need. It's just when people start talking like assholes I feel the need to say something. I don't post my shit so people can talk shit about it. I post it to get comments on what I need to work on. As for that King of the hill shit..thats cool...the artist that makes that show makes some dough....
  15. attn:your all gay your whole fuckin life is wiiiizzzzzaaccckkk you fuckin fake thug...have a good day because I know you work at fuckin Mcdonalds cleaning the fuckin bathroom stalls yo fuckin scrub....hahahahahah
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