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  1. i dun think it's a marker it's refill ink for OTR markers.. looks like a nice can anyways~ fr8burner: thx, now it seems to make sense..
  2. i wanna see style wars i heard it's pretty good~ n so is the fx video. anyone heard of "secrets"? seen it on the web for sale
  3. where do u get all the info (time, place) on the events happening? on mags, websites, tv, or..? i keep missing out everytime...! :confused:
  4. there're tonnes out there. i'm looking for some websites with hella blackbook stuff too. all i do is search for them in search engines. anyways anyone knows any good blkbook sites?
  5. aserine do u know any graff events happening in vancity lately?
  6. http://www.southlondon.org.uk/pens1.jpg'> what's the silver thing on the middle marker wrapping the chalkboard eraser? looks like a dope mop... also anyone knows which place sells the cheapest mini wide? anyways i just use a jumbo pilot... they have nice ink~ no mess.
  7. loving cry's sketches as always :king: even tho i've seen most of those. his coloring is finger licking good~~~ how long do u guys spend each day/week sketching in ur blackbook on average?? some of those must take years to color
  8. Re: Re: Damn u guys are assholes gel pens are definately invented by JAPAN. i remember japan having gel pens a long time ago already when they were just starting to be a hit in north america..
  9. SilpherGirl

    a few sketches

    i'm feeling pretty much all of them. except for the last one which could have some colors. wat markers did u use for the 2nd one with the orange fill, green background, etc... prismas i'm assuming?
  10. there r ppl who bring their blackbooks out when they paint. there r many ppl who do this. but it increases the chance of losing it when u try to run away, u tend to drop it or forget about it or watever... and all the hard work u did in the book would be gone~ in this case i just duplicate from the blackbook a copy of the sketch onto another piece of paper b4 i go out.. works fine for me
  11. SilpherGirl


    what's that middle marker u got there?
  12. always cool to do double pages with frds~ :idea: i like ur frd's style more tho... keep it up anyways! sugar... mmm.....
  13. SilpherGirl


    wat marker did oclock use in the video? dope smoothness..
  14. beardo.... :love: *jaws drop & hands clapping*
  15. btw where can i get a copy of graffiti books (not by internet)? the local book stores (chapters, codies, etc.) dun seem to be carrying them..
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