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  1. I think he ment don't paint in freight yards..
  2. Max Powers

    fx crew

    daim is whack. he was played out years ago....
  3. fresh, allthough the character does look a lot like mode2.
  4. is it possible to go anywhere in new york with-out seeing ja ?
  5. how many tko crews are there ?
  6. goal is good, I personally think that serf sucks.
  7. does the ker or keb have a cm in the left corner ? I sure a shit hope not.
  8. fuck you airplane, I am hating. I never said he wasn't dope, he's just cocky. you and cope can come up out da bronx and pull ya' gatz on me if need be. get off his jock. I bet you live in seattle and have never even met him. hoser....
  9. "true legend" he's good, but come on. he's so cocky....
  10. you guys all suck, especially moyen. what ever happened to that kid ? it seems he got laughed off of every message board in the world. bitch....
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