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  1. cdz

    Wheatpasting 101

    nice thread. this has been my first post in some time, and advice on things like this are always invaluable. thanks for posting. looks like the main site STILL isn't up. i met some of the people who run this site at scribble in 2002, and they said that this shit would be up and running soon. haha. like two years ago. i think it's a long running joke.
  2. idiots write phone numbers in their sketch book and the post it on 12 oz prophet. (e.g. 568-1781) moron.
  3. cdz

    what'cha think?

    the first is dope, i dont care for 3d though.
  4. cdz

    Im new.

    deznatori is right, the crown is ridiculous. some of the characters are good, keep trying and you will definatly get it.
  5. hey wizzard, i fixed my email. hit it up. and by the way, everything on this thread is dope.
  6. cdz


    hey wizzard, hit up my email.
  7. cdz


    like its that uncommon to have the same name. i didnt know someone else wrote seam except for seem soe.
  8. jive turkies like the breaking crew? if so, you guys were really good at scribble this year. anyway, i like your letters but like zesto said, i think the f throws a whole lot off. i think the t could flow a little more too.
  9. cdz


    by the way tre loco and skem one. i like seamster because i write seam and i would rather not be like everyone else and put "one" or "two" after it. just settin myself apart from anyone else who writes seam. just lettin you know.
  10. cdz


    hey wizzard, if you live in a close area, do you know whos crossing me out? they just throw an "x" through it and dont leave a name. just wondering...
  11. cdz


    thanks for the replies.
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