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Everything posted by teister

  1. teister

    GZ's blackbook sketches

    that vagina one is clever
  2. teister

    first time postin sketches.

    Definitely some good stuff. I like the little painters in the corner of the helicopter one.
  3. teister

    Artwork Critique

    I think its funny how nobody can spell Rass Kas correctly. Not even on album covers for records that he's on. Wierd, eh?
  4. teister

    new guy first post

    sometimes you just feel a little inadequate.
  5. teister

    Back again.......

    Your stuff is dope. I checked out the webpage and I'm feelin your illustrations to death.
  6. teister

    koncept vs. madcappa

    madcapa's shit definitely sucked, but I couldn't see yours so i don't know who won.
  7. teister

    2 new sketches

    the first two letters are nice but then it all falls off. The end doesn't match the beginning. otherwise its decent
  8. teister


    Damn Moe, I'll be honest. Your shit is hot.
  9. teister

    I am going to italy pretty soon.

    Suburbian, you will not find hotter girls than in Rome. Honestly, I lived there last year for four months. The shit was ridiculous. My roommate sat outside and videotaped girls asses for a day. Walk up and down Via Del Corso (its one of the main streets and its where I lived) any evening from about four till it gets dark. The whole street gets closed down to cars and people just walk up and down. The girls are amazing. The pizza in Rome is the best, the fish in Venice is good. The gelato in Rome is the best thing you will ever eat. Don't go a day without getting at least one cone. You won't ever eat american ice cream again. And the Spanish Steps in Rome. Go there during the afternoon. Thats where everybody goes to chill and watch people. There will be girls there as well hopefully. Mostly high school girls, but thats okay over there. You'll see 30 year old dudes with like 13 year old girls there. So hit as much as possible while you are there. Oh, and the girls are really good looking in Italy.
  10. teister

    let's try again

    Okay, I mean I wasn't trying to do an LA style piece, i'm not even sure what that is necessarily, its just a style I developed. I mean, its not the best lettering fo sho, and I'm not trying to defend myself really, so thanks for the feedback.
  11. teister

    let's try again

    okay, hopefully this will work and put my image up.http://www.imagestation.com/mypictures/inbox/view.html?url=http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid54/p0e20222f7d310a9a0a03761609e00522/fc88afb6.jpg.orig.jpg&caption=cultrblacksmall&id=4236816310'>
  12. teister

    Just a pic i finished last night

    Thats all good looking stuff. I like it. And Desp, so far I haven't not been able to read any of your stuff, I'd say its all fairly legible.
  13. teister

    let's try again

    Lost talent, where are you from. Some of my boys have a crew called that.
  14. teister

    let's try again

    Thanks for putting the image up dent. I don't know why I couldn't get it to work. What don't you like about my style? Just wondering.
  15. teister

    let's try again

    Nope, it doesn't put it up there, but you can check out the link I guess. Its just a canvas i did a couple of weeks ago.
  16. teister

    let's try again

  17. teister

    a little canvas i did

    This is a canvas I did about a week and a half ago. What do you think?'> Sorry, I can't find a place to host this image right now. My old place doesn't seem to work anymore. I'll keep looking.
  18. teister


    Good stuff. Crazy accident. Hope everybody's okay.
  19. teister


    It looks good. I can't make out most of what it says, but i like some of the fills and the layered effect you have in some of them, like the first one.
  20. teister

    The Passaround Project '03

    at least try to write out all your words so everyone can read them. I don't know what all these single f letters and r misspelled d abbreviations ghp mean.
  21. teister

    Urban mapping?

    I like that stuff. did you actually map an urban area or was that just a title and then put some stuff under it? I don't know if that makes sense.
  22. teister

    Hillbilly sketches

    Yeah, that stuff's real good. You can probably claim to be good if you want.
  23. teister


    Is that what that says? Tetra? They're definitely hella complicated.
  24. teister


    Good good shit. But yeah, could you please resize them so we can see them without having to scroll around so much?
  25. teister


    Phuse, that girl is dope.