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  1. dam good shit labrat. fucking nice.
  2. most of cure's stuff was ok back in the day, but the legal stuff is horrible now.
  3. nice to see some real phtography, and not shit photos
  4. yeh whatever, noone actually cares that much about some tiny shit-letter no-background one colour fill panel Quoted post ILL PULL OUT YOUR EYES YOU FUCKTARDED LIMPWRISTED FAGGOT, YOU GOT PUSSY CHEESE AND SYPHILIS DRIPPING FROM YOUR COCKSWALLOWING FACE, YOU SHOULD TRY GARGLING WITH LISTERINE INSTEAD OF PAGE'S SCROTUM YOU FUCKING FAIRY. Quoted post yeh mate, im proper shitting it now. try spending more than 3 minutes in yard and actually doing something proper. you penis Quoted post [/b] if only this loud mouth had any clue about yards in chicago...please..what a fuk.
  5. right after school. hahah
  6. super sick post. can't even list them all.. love that heist
  7. ok i been taking flicks for a while, so i went through and found a bunch of depte flicks i've taken. some yuo've seen alredy because other people already copied them, others haven't been on here in a while. i got hundreds of more flicks to go through, and i'm sure there are more so i'll try and get em up. i also tossed an old kize i found recently.
  8. Depte tags just seemed to be an everyday part of the landscape, I mean his stuff was all over the place. his name is a name that anyone involved in graff knows. i enjoyed seeing his work and will miss his damage. RIP
  9. dremster

    train me see

    you do have nice posts. i get a little sick of the black and white, and the odd talking. but you have been doing the "odd" talking consistently. i'll give you that. goodjob.
  10. love those old throws in the back off the yard by cicero...
  11. dang con and arek hopper is dope as well
  12. lab i used to have card carrying access to that first yard. how did u get those high up views? great post btw!
  13. agrred, what hes not hiphop enuff....fuking toys
  15. on ebay right now. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/dremw/random.jpg'> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/dremw/random934.jpg'> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/dremw/random8612.jpg'> last one 2 harbor blue, 2 royal blue, 1 meadow green, 1 leather brown, 1 horizon blue, 1 regal red, 2 copper all cans are totally full.
  16. i rarely post replies anymore, but that was a great post. i caught that "don't trip" beheading thing a few weeks ago too. got the flicks somewhere. DENZ for sure. Ascend Menos Hear Komed Elotes Dead Awol Crae ] and a whole bunch more. nice post.
  17. beonone and side shot ascend..
  18. i'm almost sorry i started this converstaion because everyday when i get home from work i come on here and check the posts. i live for it. i bench everyday on my lunch break, or cruise my city looking for flicks. bottom line...cheerleader said it best-i couldn't agree more. keep posting the flicks regardless of water marks! i like them either way.
  19. yo im not trying to aggravate anoyone, i just gave my two cents. i too bench and have put TONS of flicks on here. i have also seen the photos stolen and posted by other people. i just don't care. its a hobby. i'm a name on a computer, no one knows me. i can't get 12oz fame for posting pics...nor do i want it. sorry to start the conversation. keep benching.
  20. great post. this is not directed at you, but frankly i'm a little tierd of seeing someones name photshopped all over flicks. whats the point? i mean i know what the general idea is..just seems to be a little ridiculous.
  21. well said plebian. i gotta say this real quick cause i got a flight to catch at ohare tonight and haven't even packed. -I was born in 1977, and got into graff about 1991, (8th gradeish). The reason I got so into it was because of how much of it I saw - and the varied styles. I remember taking a field trip in grade school and would just stare out the window to see any new shit in a neighborhood i had never been in. Thats when I got the hunger. Unfortunately, I hung out with mostly south side skateboarders-a few who painted, or whom where interested in it. I painted with a crew called CFA Cause For Alarm-we didn't paint a whole lot, but we painted north and south. I would hang with guys from SAW Crew and eventually hung towards the end with TMS. I remember the way the buff started, and I remember the way it really got to me. Painting for me became less and less frequent. Today I'm 27, getting married in a year, and working...I love graff, many of you may know that I'm constantly driving around in my free time looking for flicks. The biggest problem though, which was previously mentioned by Plebian- is the lask oc history passed on down. Back in the day you KNEW who had what names and what would happen if you even tried to steal a name. Today, I see the most obvious "graff/hiphop" names all over. Secondly, the styles in Chicago can be really really good. But I think they would have reached more and more writers and be even better had these youngin's taking the bus on their field trips and stared out the window at the new stuff in new neighborhoods like me and some of the other older cats. Props to the people in Chicago that do put in work, it doesn't go unnoticed. More people see it than you think, even if it is gone in one day.
  22. quick poll: what are the best paint markers to use on canvas? i've had some really shitty ones, and don't wanna waste my time no more...advice is appreciatted.... digging the latest stuff in here, one of my favorite threads
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