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  1. hehe nice to hear. Now sorry for my possibly bad english but "riko" is an imperative of "rikkoa" that means "to break/violate" so "riko" means "break/violate!" :)
  2. Did you? Heh, sorry, didn't notice them. Well yea, it isn't actually nice to paint in -20' celsius(I don't know the fahrenheit for it), it does make fingers numb, paint drip and stop cans from working. but still people paint in the wintertime. Tho lately the number of commuters painted has dropped. Or then the buffing just takes place earlier and earlier.
  3. Hmm, dunno, it wouldn't be a surprise if my knowledge was outdated. But atleast the finnish trainsystem at one point used to be the hardest to hit in Europe. There were stories of guards patrolling with dogs and strange stuff going on. For example photographing trains at the main railwaystation is/was quite hard, Vandalsquad and railway company staff will harass you if they catch you, take to the policestation next to the trainlines etc, take your films and so on, nothing nice. Oh well, maybe times then change and Finland isn't so hardcore anymore :lol:
  4. Yeah, he's fina alright, but now he is convicted and sitting in jail for painting graffiti. And why is it so hard to paint a commuter in Finland(In our capital Helsinki, to be more precise)? Well, the yards are guarded and there are several cameras, so it's almost impossible to enter the yards unnoticed. And if you get far enough to paint, by good luck you'll have around 20 minutes of time to paint. The same thing with layups. There isn't so many places to paint them. Also the vandalsquad is cooperating with the national railwaycompany that operates the commutersystem in the capital area, so they are doing their own guarding around possible layups and the yard in civilian clothing and cars. If you get your work done and out from there clean, the train still might not even run, they buff them in early morning hours and pull back from traffic if they notice them being painted. But still somehow they get painted, and big respect to the ones who manage to do it.
  5. http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/021.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/022.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/023.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/024.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/025.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/026.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/027.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/028.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/029.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/030.jpg'>
  6. http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/011.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/012.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/013.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/014.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/015.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/016.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/017.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/018.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/019.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/020.jpg'>
  7. All pictures stolen from Roina.org and Kromi. Maybe the hardest trainsystem to hit in the world...Well, atleast in Europe! Beat this! http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/001.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/002.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/003.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/004.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/005.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/006.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/007.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/008.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/009.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/trains/010.jpg'>
  8. Hmm, you people wanting more? Maybe in the morning!
  9. http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/81.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/82.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/83.jpg'> Heh, still some late 90's-early 00's-styles. These were borrowed from a finnish site named Guru Files ...
  10. http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/71.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/72.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/73.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/74.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/75.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/76.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/77.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/78.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/79.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/80.jpg'>
  11. http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/61.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/62.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/63.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/64.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/65.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/66.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/67.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/68.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/69.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/70.jpg'>
  12. http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/51.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/52.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/53.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/54.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/55.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/56.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/57.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/58.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/59.jpg'> http://www.emdia.fi/~eleeemo/realstyles/60.jpg'> Maybe I'll post some oldschool-styles later, but now I'm off to get drunk!
  13. Yea, he's finnish and part of the CDC-crew, which is legendarily famous in Finland, like the FTC-crew, they've been around almost from the beginning. Just like Astron, Egs is considered almost as a halfgod here. But atleast both of them have earned their fame and respect. I'm still to post more, I'll give you people some taste of finnish old school-styles, dating back to 80s. Already back then people were painting with quite original styles.
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