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  1. its good.. i always for get the title of it for some reason
  2. i wish i could still play this.. but then agian i dont, its too addicting
  3. im in a ska band, but i dont reallly enjoy the music thatt much. Its fun to play tho. The only bands i listen to are less then jake and superspecs.
  4. mizx


    damn you dudes are pussys.. i let the person hit me first, then i just lay them out with some quick blows to the face no need to get all technical unless your fighting a black belt
  5. i got him a beatles cd... ended up being the ORCHESTRA version with no words, oh wells its the "thought" that counts:p
  6. mizx

    Nak toys

    ctrl+alt+del sent me this shit http://www.naknak.com.au/index.cfm ...the thing that scares me is they even have "graffiti naks"
  8. um like yeah and like like like iunno dude... like girls like suck like bad man
  9. not only are you bad, and u cant post pics, your stuff isnt even in the right forum
  10. nice man, i caught a throw you did in my area a couple months back with pois
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