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  1. dropped a 5 piece on the block for my homie robert
  2. sect one


    more when I can get a camera or someone let's me use their camera phone :(
  3. sect one


    low quality photo (cell phone) but a simple one layer on a bag for a friend the lower left is a light spray not a shadow
  4. sect one


    nice to see sr heads here, I haven't been on there in a minute! I'll have to post some of my new works.
  5. JKD vs. Boxing....are you kidding me? Bruce lee by a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg shot.
  6. actually...you can stretch up to a double 0 and it will still heal back to a standard (14 G) hole. I went from a 14 straight to a 2g with a taper....it really didn't hurt much. DO NOT ever dermal punch your ears there's no turning back. Tapering your ear to a 2 is a decent size and is minor trauma to your ear, it'll also save you a ton of money. After a month, i stretched to a 0 and am staying at this size since I get bored of piercings and intend to take them out eventually.
  7. the 69 is ok ...you do get a better view but it's harder to lick her. I find it also hard to pay attenion while she is giving you head and vice versa
  8. I think I eat pretty well quick tips: =make sure to lick LIGHTLY when you're starting =Teasing a girl before you dive in is key (not zesto) (foreplay as well as kissing the insides of her thighs) =Glide over the lips with your tongue softly in the beginning =it's very sensitive when you first start eating (you wouldnt want a girl using teeth or sucking violently when you first pull off your pants) so take advantage of that and tease the hell out of her! =build up slow (lick in rhythm and build speed as she builds excitemewnt( I'm sure most of this was said...I read a tutorial a while back that was pretty good I think it was from sex tutorials.... practice makes perfect!
  9. ok he bit it....move on half of this board is full of toys who bite all the seventh letter/ every other known writer, so get over it. I don't know why he just doesn't step up and admit he did bite it though.
  10. isnt chicago the murder capitol? yes, i think it is... Quoted post [/b] well you thought wrong....new york is...chicago = #2
  11. [quote=Lord Breakfast,Jul 16 2005, 12:02 -image- -image- i'm not hating, cause i dig your designs, but why use fabric spray and get all that underspray why not just take your time and use acrylics+ textile medium. I mean why spend all the time cutting an image and putting thought into a shirt when it comes out distorted? It's like painting great letters but there's drips and its sloppy. it's time consuming to paint each shirt individually like that ,but the quality will show and plus acrylics are cheap as dickkkkkk. -we should collab or trade shirts some time
  12. " Whether or not anyone agrees with Mr. West... it was clear that now was not the time to voice such harsh opinions"
  13. maybe i didn't make it clear....with the exception of gliko,i'm not on his nuts so don't make it seem that way. I thought it was just crazy that he did that on a live t.v. fundraiser on nbc
  14. well i really don't care much for the guy, but I turned on the t.v. to see him and mike meyers on a televised live fundraiser for victims of the hurricane in n'awlins. At first, i didn't really pay attention but it caught my attention that he was stuttering so much. I started listening in only to catch him say that the media is all lies and portrays the black people in new orleans as looters and the white people as starving families who are suffering. Mike meyers tried to cut him off but Kanye followed up with this "george bush does not like black people" Immediately after he said that the camera cut him off. Did anyone else catch this?
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