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  1. really fucking cold. and this is cute: http://hehe.org.free.fr/hehe/ParisCorby/petitceinture400web.mov
  2. Re: Favorite Flickr Flicks link/photographer for this?!
  3. It's pretty illegal and dangerous if you don't know what you're doing, where you're going, when you should go, how you should go etc. Trespassing on rr property, reckless endangerment, that sort of thing. Not all that different from hopping trains! Pretty easy to do on stretches of abandoned rail and areas that have extremely low traffic from what I can gather, although it's not any less illegal. There are some lines around the country that private groups (rr museums, motorcar clubs, etc. ) have bought rights of way for areas of abandoned track and/or worked out an agreement with the rail co. so they can travel the lines legally. NARCOA does alot of shit like that. This however is gonna be a long term project with lots of research and recon before any attempts at doing the run are made. Currently drawing up plans for construction, then a prototype build and testing. Then heading out west, figuring shit out, and doing another build.
  4. The one I'm working on will be something like the first one you posted there (the tandem) with a center platform for storing gear and supplies. Building it however will probably be the easy part. Figuring out time tables/schedules for areas I'd like to travel is another thing entirely... also it will be important that the apparatus can be quickly and easily moved on and off the rail. Also plan on making the bikes themselves removable from the rail sled. If junk only runs through the feather river canyon now I'm guessing traffic tends to be lighter on weekends? Doesn't seem to be alot of info on this in the latest ccg.. Is most of that area single track? It will probably be worth riding that line a time or two before attempting any rail biking on it..
  5. Hmm I see. Would be interesting to find out about the timetables for the junk that still runs through there. I am thinking about heading out there this summer to ride or potentially rail-bike (working on building one right now) in that area. Something like that of course would be contingent on the frequency of traffic going through the area and/or finding corridors that are no longer in use.
  6. Anyone have info on the current status of the Feather River Route? I've heard that it's been shut down, I've heard that it's still running, small sections have been abandoned, there's a new route through Donner Pass or something or other. Nothing solid! Anyone ridden it recently? Any Cali heads with info? Feel free to pm - and thanks!
  7. Tis used to cut coke... that's why alot of store keep it behind the counter (right next to the cigarettes) nowadays... And they won't sell you massive quantities of the stuff either...
  8. I'm posting in a last attempt to win this... just before the epilepsy kicks in...
  9. [mania]


    Probably about 30-50 hours of cutting...
  10. There already is a stencil thread... this thread is way old...
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