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  1. Be-bop:cool: Davis, Coltrane, Coleman, Monk, Mingus, Wayne Shorter yo! Latin Jazz is the shit too. Baretto, Tito Puente and Palmieri. All day long......
  2. SWIF, keep rockin' them letters and I swear, everytime you rock 'em, you'll improve the potential you already got. Chill for an hour each day and draw five outlines using your basic letters. If you change them a little each time you'll start getting a better feel for the letters and different styles based on your original, will start bustin' out. Both hands are nice. I see what you're tryin' to do with your graff Wimp-Core but it's not comin' off right. Your mark is slick though. Maybe you should do some letters based on your hand styles. You'll find that most graff letters are base on what a chisel point pilot can do.
  3. I pride myself on being able to read graff. The harder it is to read the nicer I feel when I can make it out. Abstract wild styles challenge writers with enigmatic puzzles. Once you figure out what's written, the letter forms are clearly discernable amongst the layer of camo. Encrypted graff. Dope shit!
  4. That shit's dope Ripper I'd like to see it flicked under a black light.
  5. Are there any non-graff or non-hip-hop magazines that promote graff? A lot of graff magazines promote other kinds of music besides hip-hop but are there any goth, punk or heavy metal magazines that promote graff? I only buy them for the graff but it seems to me that hip-hop magazines have done more to support graff than any others. if not? school me...
  6. hee hee... Trow 'dat beer bong away an' git yerself a fit of 'crown royal' an' a six o'newcastle.:dazed:
  7. That's a good one bro. But I have actual evidence that world is inhabited by glorified monkeys who call themselves 'humans'. Like monkeys they exist in the constant thought of material things. You know like, sex, the bigger slice of pizza, cars, bitches and bank accounts. This creates conflicts on different levels, from mano y mano to world war. Since extra-terrestrial means 'above the material', I'd have to gather that they are the higher and non-materialistic thoughts of science, philosophy and religion. NOTE: ET does'nt necceassarily mean 'alien'. Even Christ said: "I am not of this world". I don't think he meant he was from another planet just a another state of mind not of the material. A metaphor. But then again, what do I know? I'm a broke bum:king:
  8. Not true. I've dated hundreds of suburban girls and mixed rather well. As far as the fellas are concerned: I've never had a problem chillin'. I like to keep it mellow.
  9. The Hindu's have the Ganges, the Muslims have Mecca and Writers have The Bench. If you're in NYC every writer should make a pilgrimage to the original writers bench. Take the 5 to 149st IRT station in the Bronx.
  10. 69 fires me up for the fucking. mmmmm pussy!:yum:
  11. hee hee, I knew that shit was bound to happen sooner or later bro. He's been doin' that kind of shit since we was in highschool. He's actually from East Brooklyn. Gettin' that kid out of fights was one of the main reasons I slowed down hangin' with him back in the day. That and he got locked up. You'd think he'd chill after gettin' out. I've seen him fuck with a guy for dressin' funny. I got no reason thinking your dude brent did anything to fire him up, knowing Cisco. Did he?
  12. Regular milk does that to me but Reiters, Dairymens, Hershey's, Chug, Chocolate syrups, Bosco, Nestle's Quick and all that shit does my body good.:yum: Besides a good lager, chocolate milk is my favorite beverage. No Yoohoo's, soy's or rice milks though. :spent:
  13. I've sold hundreds of custom jackets since 1984 peeps love 'em. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/MOE/moejack---1.gif'>
  14. May 1983 "The Wonderful Brooklyn Bridge" The cover should have a 1900's style rendering of the Brooklyn Bridge. Not sure though, I lost the cover some time ago but May 83 is the right issue... http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/MOE/NatGeoGraff.gif'> When stock caps and easy oven caps ruled.
  15. when I was in highschool, all we did was hit highschools. Nowadays I would'nt consider it.
  16. man, serial killin's weak. anybody who'd reap up that much bad karma for themself is a damn fool. once in jail, they jump up to get beat down. fuck that stress! where's my bong?
  17. you know you grew up in the 80's................ ..............if you hung out with mugs like these ... http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/MOE/CCR%20B-BOY%20CREW.gif'>
  18. Gang graff represents a boppers crew and boppin' and Writers graff represents graff and writers crews. Are there any famous gang writers? hip me.
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