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The Alaska Scene


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I've been to alaska so i can comment on this a little bit but i haven't been there since 1998 so things may have changed since then....


Juno - Little microdot of a scene. Mostly throws and tags but i did catch a piece on a concrete retainging wall a little ways out of town


Kodiack Island - Tags and throws


St Augustine Island - Fucking middle of nowhere in the Aluetians. Just a bit of graffiti that said "nuke the whales"

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I was up there this summer. Anchorage, Seward, Sitka, Skagway, and a few other places. There is no graffiti. Anywhere. Very few train cars. A couple had caught toyish tags once every few towns.... but I didn't see any pieces or even throws... I can't imagine trying to paint when the temperature is in the negatives anyways... and in town with only a few thousand people, your exposure would be limited...

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i grew up in alaska.

Im from Kodiak, and the only graff around there is mine, pretty much.

and as far as anchorage goes, thers no heads and no writers.

And unless anything spectacular has happened since i was there last summer, absolutely no graffiti.


If i still lived there I would kill it... somebody should.



oh, and theres hardly any trains, sealand containers though.

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Originally posted by malnourished

oh, and theres hardly any trains, sealand containers though.

ive had boxcars go to alaska. some kid who lived there emailed me flicks of fr8s there. ive seen flicks posted on this site of about 30 mixed boxcars ,from CP to UP flats, on a barge going to alaska. now i dont know about you, but if i was unfortanate enough to live there i would find out where they went, even if individual cars got put to spots. there are times of the year you could paint them.

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I just moved to alaska.


I seen like 2 tags, and i had to look HARD. One was some skater shit, the backwards P and the D or some shit

and some other tag.


I am in anchorage. I'm supposed to get some supplies soon, so I think I'll be the only head in anchorage, if what you guys is saying is true. BTW, the only graff here is legal, saw some at school. FUCKING GAY!!

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