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  1. holy shit i did the exact same thing in the 8th grade. i got 100 bucks in like 3 weeks
  2. has anyone seen the movie WHITEBOYZ. quality film
  3. TOTALITAR, i like them, but i know nobody else will
  4. the street sharks were rad:mad: they could SWIM through CONCRETE, if thats gay then i just dont know myself
  5. the STREET SHARKS were way better than the ninja turtles, but id say i would definently be leonardo
  6. video games damnit!! or buy some cool modern trinkit with an alien hooba joo that lets you carry a billion mp3s, a thousand dvds, takes pictures, substitutes as a cell phone, telegraph and text messenger, that also lets you go online. if you want for an extra $50 you get a signature pirate eye patch or ninja mask as sleek personal monitor. Trust me its cool , i saw it in wired do you have an air hocky table? those are fun comic books maybe? make long distance calls to china homer simpson style (homer- Hello? China? hey, hows it goin, thats some crazy language you got there.) sounds good huh actually, you should throw a 12oz chapagne party.
  7. minors dont have free speech at all. the times my friends and i have been suspended or givin detention for telling the princible to stop spending so much of our limited funding on the meathead jocks that beat me up is many.....or am i just bitching again? I hate school and all my teachers, and ill get suspended for saying that too
  8. When i first saw it i was expecting more because i am a film geek. but then i decided to stop beeing a stuck up little nerd and i watched it again, and i must say it is one of the funniest movies ive seen in a long time. GNAR KILL!!!!!
  9. greatest thing EVER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .:clown2:
  10. QUESTION!! im behind on 12oz slang I need definitions for the following phrases or........a life -boogiehands -wonk saggin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .or you guys can just make fun of me :huh?:
  11. "Are you prepared for the return of jehova? cause if you arent.." *slams door* "Well fuck you! cold ass mothah fuckuh" -friday "god.. the biggest biitch of theem all" the mole from the SOUTH PARK movie
  12. DESTROY...yes....anarchist grind..no....well then you suck PHOBIA MALEVOLENT CREATION DISRUPT P.S, angelofdeath what the fuck is up with your signature XAMERICANX Hardcore has no room for christianity, let alone blind nationalism. please let that be a joke. P.P.S sepultra is cool too
  13. yes, all of the adult swim showsrock my moving picture box. and you dont have to be a crackhead to enjoy them, but i expect it would help. . . . . . . long live the great Brak
  14. cause we are the aqua teens make the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream! cause we are the aqua teens make the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream! number 1 in the hood G! im such a fucking nerd..:(
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