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  1. sick shit, makes me wish i lived in philly even more, but 15 minutes away isnt bad lansdale.. :chicken:
  2. any one know where there's any open poetry readings in philly or philly outskirts ?
  3. i dont know the date but the romans use to write on the buildings of towns that they took over might wanna look it up
  4. listen to immortal technique, if u ask me he's the best emcee out right now (in my views)
  5. article- Can you help us stop this senseless vandalism which attacks everybody's quality of life? funny...at 1st people were open to graff and liked it now were destroying thier quality of life good fuck em
  6. it probally has a small scene..... id imagine it be hard to bomb during the summer seeing that the sun is out past midnight (unless ur down for day missions and winter ....vice versa (or what not)....
  7. oxymoron


    just looking at this thread makes me wish i moved to brooklyn when i had the chance
  8. oxymoron


    try real trains much better then the paper ones
  9. :nope: the stencil was the best thing up there
  10. besides graff what other hobbies do you have ? me well im a chronic masterbater :) but on a real tip...im into poetry id rap if i could but nah dont got the voice or breathe control for it
  11. i've played out just about ever atmos song i've heard so i dunno
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