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  1. CANDY ISN'T SOMETHING YOU CAN JUST MAKE AT HOME. what the fuck. plus a good majority of the people on this thread would not know about candy if they are not from sf. candy is shity on every thing. but it works for one thing, staining panels.
  2. nice post. i've seen a lot of these flicks in LSD. are they all yours? good shit.
  3. it all depends on the grade of marsh that you have. I believe the k-grade marsh is the thick stencil ink and works best in a mop. but the t-grade is a marker like ink which goes into the marsh 88 pens, and is ment to flow with markers and shit. i might have the grades mixed up, but one dries up like glossy ink, and the other more like a flat oily black.
  4. i used to play that game all the time. i would allways hit this one wall and it would get buffed the next day. i was excited when shit ran for a week there. i was a toy.
  5. kerse needs to paint more cho cho trains fur shur.
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