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  1. shitmop-1$

    i'd rather be painting choo choos

  2. shitmop-1$

    Which Family Guy Character are you...

  3. shitmop-1$

    best underground hip hop

    bored stiff.
  4. shitmop-1$


    good shit, i'll try to get some flicks of my own.
  5. shitmop-1$

    A guide to bushopping

    just mobb that shit!
  6. shitmop-1$

    slept on writers in the Bay Area

  7. shitmop-1$

    hektor the graffiti robot

    can control!
  8. shitmop-1$

    weird animals you didn't know existed

    i love this fucking movie.
  9. shitmop-1$

    slept on writers in the Bay Area

    slept on writers in the bay?
  10. shitmop-1$

    slept on writers in the Bay Area

    fuck you son. thats some faggot artsy shit, he expects those faggot ass little characters to mean shit to me, thats some pussy shit.nigga.hoe.cunt.sleaze bag.nuckle head.ass hole.shit face.biatch.whathefuckamitalkingabout???
  11. shitmop-1$

    BAD ASS SHIT!!!!!!!!!

  12. shitmop-1$

    slept on writers in the Bay Area

    thats some faggot shit. fuck that.
  13. shitmop-1$


    i dont think f8 is dead now buddy.......
  14. shitmop-1$

    Ahh simpsons....lol best line ever

    best thread ever..........
  15. shitmop-1$

    Straight Fuckin' Benching!

    RA e2e. nice.