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  1. blue line practicly all got buffed..
  2. tht wyse is rockin hard as hell of the blue line
  3. I wasnt bombing but i was on a mission on the pink line to go get paint and i saw a dead body in a field with cops all around it and crime scene tape. it was like 11 am lmfao.
  4. i wasnt bombing but i was on a mission to go get paint and i was on the pink line lookin out the window and i legit saw a dead body with cops standing around it takin pics off it. scared the shit outa me.
  5. ive seen more mcd lol. all of belmont is nothin but kj and mcd
  6. ohh lmfao i feel like a dumbass now. i take it dat nigga snitched on someone hahaha
  7. go suck a dick if u cant answer a simple fuckin question you shit talking dick fuck.
  8. yeah lmfao tht mural was poppin lol whyd yall diss it?
  9. lol im goin to alaska and bustin a tag on a walrus lmfao maybe smoke a b with a polar bear and then go winter bombing lmfao
  10. where im from watever you do at a train station gets buffed in hours its ridonkulous
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