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  1. don't wanna make a new thread, tried the forum search and google.. does anyone remember who wrote an autobiography and published most of it n ch 0 i believe 4 or 5 years ago about growing up writing in cleveland i believe. I think dudes name was jester possibly? I dunno if it was ever anything more than an e-book, but shit was really good. any help appreciated.
  2. took my recycling last week. all the sudden i have two batches that need to be bottled in a week... no bottles.. drinking a grip of beer every night after work this week for the sake of bottling? bummer.. anyone used the coors mini(1.5 gal) kegs yet? priming sugar? or force carb em? might pick up a few this week if i can find someone to drink 7 gal of coors light for me..
  3. BUMPPPPPP im gonna be working in denali this summer. be in anchorage for a few days. spotssss????????? i'd imagine at the very least some chill abandoned places or something?? whatevers.
  4. i have this fantasy sometimes.. morning after, when i'm walking to the grocery store, quik-mart, or whatever and i stink like weed, sweat, paint. zombie faced buying a carton of oj and cat litter oh ya, my shoes are falling apart, pay with quarters and shit. but bitches secretly love my steeze. that's got me laid..... never times
  5. thought pyramid apricot was hardly fit for human consumption. on a more positive (but which hardly needs to be even stated) note- payday=chimay yops
  6. whoah. if i may say... BSM
  7. 4% interest on a mil is still 40k a year. foist things foist.. makescenequitingjoboner/nh
  8. i made like fifty burritos and tacos the other day for the breaking bad set. cool story bro...
  9. dont really dig how the first two are composed. third though.... niiice
  10. this today. mmm... then this in a bit
  11. i have a portable cs5, a portable version. so i should find Camera Raw plug-in for cs5?
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