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  1. come up with a left roundhouse to right knee, front kick to jaw with right leg, then back up and axe kick in his forehead. concussions.
  2. please tell kars to change his name.
  3. this thread is run by us "youngsters" new to the game. this thread does NOT represent all of hawaii, just the people wo post the sketches. You just haven't seen the good stuff :D And I'm sure tonk doesn't really care much for what you say. Getting up is a way bigger problem than making shit look pretty. I mean, I havent seen any pics of your stuff in a ill ass spot.
  4. bored. please hate:D http://www.two-million.us/44.JPG'>
  5. okay i fucking suck, but heres a canvas i did. I cant paint. http://www.two-million.us/176.jpg'>
  6. i think i seen that on artcrimes, check there. www.graffiti.org
  7. that biting thing was a joke. big up to sein and akes. sein, you're gettin ill little man! I guess you said fuck the yo-yo's? haha Just playin man, some good natured clowning. let me see some of chomps work:D
  8. daaaaaaaaaaaaamn i love that sketch, anonymity1. time to bite:king:
  9. taun taun, please make sure they still think that. its my only plane ticket home
  10. yo virus, please tell avelourd to stop telling everyone. THIS IS MY ONLY WAY BACK TO THE ISLANDS. virus please man. this is beyond eveything. I would kill to get back home.. even if it were myself :cool:
  11. i think its nakas. the n and the k have the same extension. and look at the n in "punk ass" :D not trying to correct you, just telling you what i see
  12. ANEL*PS

    The 3D pages.

    that wichita isnt 3d, and it doesnt look the same as other 2ds.
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