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  1. swiss cheese

    what state does the simpsons live in?

    no state I've seen references to various states; Oregon, Missouri, etc. It IS NOT in any particular state, but could be any state. Hence the name Springfield. For those who say it's Oregon for sure need to only look at the landscape to see it's not for sure. It's usually open rolling plains like the midwest, but they'll throw mountains in if they want, or forests, it's changing constantly. That's the beauty of it, they can make it anywhere to fit the particular theme of the show.
  2. swiss cheese


    I hope this shits working cause I'm getting some x's.
  3. swiss cheese


    Added some new ones http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid102/p2a66ac5db9bd457ef0457f3aa69e6129/f9b57ab9.jpg'> http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid102/p8799370bfa6d38c29ff9df54032edac2/f9b57b77.jpg'> http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid102/p3c2639f58cb703f2cc365d51407ccedb/f9b579cc.jpg'> http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid102/p9adb5caab06334dbe9ff45b858377c8f/f9b57931.jpg'> that's all... I think I'll be leaving 12oz for awhile.
  4. swiss cheese

    Roof Tops

    great did they really paint the whole side of this building with a hangman game? AWESOME. http://www.bombingscience.com/graff/bomb03076.jpg'>
  5. swiss cheese

    a FLY plane

    If you're really bored, instead of coming on here do this: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/flyplane.jpg'> :lol:
  6. swiss cheese

    Post your Red X's here..

    actually... I thought this would be a brilliant idea where you would sketch the letter "X" and color it red and everyone would follow suit, thus making some ironic statement about all the X's on this site. You failed though. BOO.:(
  7. swiss cheese

    feedback for sadam

    Think about what you just said:lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. swiss cheese

    the NEW sketch thread

    last night's sketch... quick scribble http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid101/p67f065e158d37f898c074f000d6ee13e/f9cdc2ca.jpg'>
  9. swiss cheese

    The ACTIOn and bizzare photos!!

    sick sick sick greatest thread yet
  10. swiss cheese

    Images Of Fascination

    dope nice thread
  11. swiss cheese


    damn drunks i see 12oz stands for liquor not paint. Ima paint and steer clear of the poison IF possible/
  12. swiss cheese

    See, Nigga, Back in the day...

    ok, i found it... my first attempt at a graffiti style piece on paper. "cewn" http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid101/p17454ceb4406dda71a53703be85a7019/f9da5fdc.jpg'> :D
  13. swiss cheese

    DASH 167 FC, TC5, IBM!!!

    very dope also a sick handstyle....timeless, perfect.
  14. swiss cheese

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    I've only seen that episode and the one before it. I'm definitely hooked now. I go to my mom's house on Sunday eve and that's when I get to watch television and she's got the Satellite.
  15. swiss cheese

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    YES! This show fucking rocks! Funny ass scene in the last episode when Larry David was in the backseat of Ben Stillers car. They drop off the passenger from the front seat and Ben asks Larry to get in the front. Larry declines because they only have a few blocks to go. Ben gets pissed because he doesn't want to seem like he's chauffering Larry around and proceeds to calling him a whiney man child and they argue over nothing for a minute. Also larry's trying to hook his blind friend up with a "blind date" with a muslim women. The retarded guys washing his car. Larry is just like George Kastanza. I love it.