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Everything posted by causinpanic

  1. haha lil seaper on steroids get em kid..
  2. i been gone for a lil grip but im back in the city its on.... thats not the sick from louisville jus to clear that up, some lame. he jus got outta prison been out the scene for like 4 years look for his new shit soon enough..
  3. damn thats weak mines denz temper pull off =\
  4. fuckin dumbass kids burnin that sick wholecar
  5. man if ur gonna bench my spot at least represent it the way it should be represented! get off ur ass an get better pics..theres alot of flicks that woulda been sooo much better man..try harder next time lol
  6. lol lets all say thanks to the fuckin morons who got the legal shut down THANKS ALOT..i had some ppl comin in town to do a thunder production this week an what do i see when i go to roll the damn wall do not paint here good job, we got some winners in this town..
  7. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  8. yeah louisville ky the south fucking end my backyard lets have everybody fuckin flickin there i mean theres already 20 ppl flickin the same shit im so pissed right now cuz ive got a ton of flicks ive got a folder up to 900 that ive been savin to wait an post at once shit ive been savin since last summer an u an ur fuckin goofy ass friends are postin all my flicks i hope i dont see u down there cuz them rocks are big an dents aint cheap to fix.
  9. "Mr.Green yeah that scenery seems familiar, " lol i wonder y i will run into u all an ur not gonna post my flicks. k thanks.
  10. i love when ppl bench my spot. an then argue with another person that benchs my spot about how theyre better lmao kids get a life an find ur own fuckin layup please thank you. check my posts CAUSINPANIC this place is my backyard i hate seein ppl claimin my props.
  11. i would hate to see someone flickin my layup an that looks awful close an ive noticed u posted in the same city thread im in so jus a heads up so were not flickin the same shit an postin it ive got around a thousand flicks to post jus cant find the time i might post some in a min i jus get so many down there its hard to know what im postin..
  12. lol kid ive done more in a year than u have in ur whole graff career if u even have a graff career..im jus gonna act like u meant that toward someone else n u dont know who i am..'07 has jus begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. man i couldnt remember my password an shit its been soo long.. this is a bad idea forsure tho kids get to paint a couple dumbass spots an then start crews lol gotta lot to learn
  14. http://wave3.com/Global/story.asp?S=5944082 shits crazy..i seen a whole car on a boxcar when it was on tv. watch the video...ill post some pics when i get home..
  15. hey where is that benchwarmers place we have one here also maybe the same one?
  16. yeah ur really wastin ur time with the derby city lol there cant be a thread for walls let alone trains theres only a select few hittin fr8s outta the city so delete this an let ur flicks stack up..
  17. i got flicks of every piece of graff done this year i jus been too busy to upload if i can get a break here in a sec ill upload n post em all..
  18. CMW would be more than glad to crush u im sure lol jk them kids are tearin up chicago reputation for sure. im a big fan of theyre werk.
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