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  1. The second pic of the CN car is one of the strangest buffs Ive seen yet.
  2. Always follow the cop opposed to the cop following you.
  3. ^^^^the pic with the piece only shows one door so its hard to tell especially if you dont see them all the time. I only know my NYC subways.
  4. HA HA HA...I swear I was thinking the same thing when I saw that flick...but I thought it looked like a Chicago train. I absolutely forgot about it possibly being the PATH. That was a good card pull.
  5. Is that CSX car with GS and Sigh even on railroad tracks in that pic.?
  6. Well actually I wasnt talking to you. I was talking to the person who said improve your abilities. Yeah I really need to improve my abilities filling in with stock caps in the 20 degree weather I was painting in last night. @spellegrino...of course I appreciate any advice on getting around this problem.
  7. Im not sure what you mean but I assume you are talking about writing styles from other cities/countries that were also going on it the late 80's. Alot of the styles outside of NYC Graff were much different looking. Even till now most Euro graff looks nothing like American graffiti. The irony of my orginal post above is that last night I had to skip painting the lone reefer car in my spot because Mr Sigh had a panel on it. This isn't the first time this happened either. Arrrghhh!
  8. Just a heads up. Google Earth is not in real time. The images you are looking at are at least three years old.
  9. Thanks for answering that question. I was wondering what that meant.
  10. Thanks for answering that question. I was wondering what that meant.
  11. I guess this poster is eating their words. Sigh is still going just as strong two years after his post here. I find it amazing that anyone can paint at this volume for so long. Forget about the painting part think about all the time it takes to rack the paint Sigh uses to get up. I highly doubt he is paying for it unless he is rich...cause thats alot of motherfucking paint to get up with and he paints quite large. As for many of the names he compared Sigh to...well outside of Sento's name above most of those names have style influenced and in some cases out right bitten from original NYC- AOK member's. Their are not many writers in this game who come along whose style is not influenced by writers from the past or present. Just ask original members of AOK who they are influenced or who the have have bitten from. You will here the names of writers from TMT, TDS , RTW & CIA crews spoken with praise.
  12. Well we should all be in mourning for all the great things she did for humanity... In other worthless news...the Pentagon says pre-war Iraq intelligence was legitimate
  13. These new caps suck. Anyone who says they improve your abilities obviously doenst paint alot of trains. Stick to your lets take all day walls. I got trains to get up and burn and Im not sitting hours on one piece in a night filling in my shit with a skinny cap. Ill use other brands before that will happen. Ive tried out varios caps off Lysol , Spray Starch , Carpet Cleaner, Furniture Spray etc. None worked fat on these cans , though they spray large on the cans they come off of. This any angle valve thing maybe noy have enough pressure pushing out of the can to write fat...Im no scientist on how the valve system pf a can works but something aint right. I;ve used these new cans for borders , designs & highlights and the caps always clogged on me. So make sure if you are using them you have spares.
  14. Well actually not that speechless. If you not going to use the paint you might as well put it to other good uses right?
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