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  1. reup is fresher than ever
  2. killah-ef comme un chef
  3. rien a foutre de ton petit talkshit internet tu dis nimporte koi tu te promène ou té pas suposé esti de toy next time jte croise tu viendra me dire ce que tu écris ici en personne
  4. yo bfor your fucking wack like your whole crew no one wants to see your garbage keep it for yourself
  6. sewk AG real chiefs do real thangs
  7. hopefully asar will stop crack smoking one day...
  8. freights are for us what cleans are for you my friend. trust me the transit system got hurt alot last year where i'm from, personally on 6 attemps on cleans, I have only one completed. do I want to get bust, the answer is no. do I paint alot, the answer is yes. and let me tell you that freights are not always easy. and you know what, I dont even take a picture of most of my shits because i'm sure someone else is gonna take one months or years after, so keep masturbating on your cleans pictures archive.
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